The Mobile App that Will Save You from Getting Lost

Lee Jung

Finding directions is not always an easy task, even for Koreans. Convenient but extensive public transit in Seoul often confuses us with multiple directions, unclear signboards and complicated transfer processes. The directions to famous attractions are quite comprehensive, but it is the daily commute and other everyday destinations we are mostly concerned about. Here is the best navigation app in Korea that will aid your life.이정1

Download Naver maps and worry no more on your journeys. By simply entering your current location and a destination, you will see several recommended routes. The options can be sorted by preference: less walking, less transfers, fastest etc. Usually people want the shortest trips, but if you are not confident finding the right spot at transfer stations, you can choose the simplest route. It also calculates the exact time each route takes with real-time traffic information. If you select taxi, it even estimates accurate taxi fares! Directories and 360° rotation-enabled vector maps are also available within the application.


The most amazing feature of this application is that it literally maps out every minutes of your journey in real time. Last week, I visited a Han River Park on Ttuk Island with my friends using this app. As explained above, the routes are recommended by given preferences. I chose the shortest trip and the app gave a very detailed guidance on how many stations to pass, how long to walk, and the exact time of arrival. It was our first time going to Ttuk Island, but no doubt we didn’t have any directional confusion on the way.


From left, Jung (Korea), Yen (Vietnam), Mark (America), Sengmin (Korea)

At the Han River Park, we had such a great time eating fried chicken and enjoying the breeze and the view. Why don’t you guys plan your next excursion to the park? You can have a nice picnic, set up on grass and chitchat with friends all day long! In the summer, exotic waterside activities such as water-skiing, kayaking, and the iconic duck boat peddling are also available.

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