Brief on the Use of School Restaurant

Nam InHan

Hello, readers of myHUBS!

Today’s article is about school cafeterias that are most accessible from the business administration building! Most HUBS students have their meals at Hang-won Park or the faculty refractory located at the seventh floor of the College of Life Sciences building.

1.Hang-won Park(행원파크)


It is located on B2F of the Business School. There are six food stands (Chef story, Rice story, Fun story, Bowl story, Jeong-Won and Shang-Hai). Prices range from \3,500 to \5,000. Bowl story boasts the cheapest price whilst Jeong-Won has the highest. The daily menus are showcased on the TV screens above the ticketing machine. You can either buy a ticket using a ticketing machine or by simply inserting your card into the readers conveniently placed at each of the food stands. So, if you only have cash, you should buy a ticket using a ticketing machine. When you choose to pay directly at the stands, make sure to pay attention and take the card out after you hear the “beep” sound.

2. Faculty restaurant (교직원 식당)


If you get bored of the meals at Hang-won Park, it may be a good idea to try the faculty restaurant(교직원 식당). Although it is officially a restaurant for faculty, it is open for all students. It is located on the 7F of the College of Life Sciences building. The College of Life Sciences is located near the convenience store: ‘When a lion is eating a big meal(사자가 군것질할 때)’. The faculty restaurant is known for meals which have higher quality than those of other school restaurants. Prices range from \4,000 to \5,000. There are two food stands, Dam-A and Dam-B. One stand serves Korean food whilst the other serves Western food. I recommend that you go there at least once because the view from the restaurant is cool!


All school restaurants provide their daily menus through applications such as Wee-Han or Every time. Another way to know the day’s menu is by setting up Wee-Han (한양대학교 커뮤니티 위한) as a kakao-talk plus friend. When set it up, you should enter the word Wee-Han(위한) in Korean. Using such applications, you can check what kind of menus each restaurant is serving in advance.

Then, hope to see you in the next article!

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