Easier way to get to Business School

Kim MinJung

Have you ever regretted coming to Hanyang university because of the high slopes? Actually, I have. Because the Business school building is very far from the subway station, it’s very hard to get to. Due to this geographic specialty, many Hanyang university students have found easier ways to go to the business school building, and we call them “Portals”. Today, I will introduce the most popular portal, known as “Social sciences College portal”.


When you get out of Hanyang university station exit 2, you can see the Hanyang plaza building. Between the Hanyang plaza and the school’s main building(No.105), there are stairs. So, go up those stairs. At the end of the stairs, you will find the College of Social Sciences building. Just get into this building and go straight until you find an elevator. (There will be an elevator right in front of the entrance, but don’t use that elevator because it doesn’t go to the 4th floor, where we must go.)


After getting on the elevator, get to the 4th floor and get out of the building. Once out of the building, walk towards the HIT building and you will find wooden stairs. Just go straight along this way. At the end of the road you will find the Business school building!

If you go this way, not only will it be more comfortable, as you can avoid the slope, but also time saving (It took 7’30’’ from hanyang university subway station on foot). So I recommend that you try using the “PORTAL” and get to the business school building much more comfortably!


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