Introduction about the Regular Subway Pass

Nam InHan

Hello, readers of myHUBS blog.

Do you know about the monthly subway passes in Korea?

If you only use the subway without transferring onto buses or use the subway many times a day, it could be very beneficial. First, let me explain briefly about the monthly ticket, which is only available on the subway. You cannot transfer to a bus using this ticket.

남인한 1

There are two types: a type which can be used only in Seoul and another one which can be used in the Seoul metropolitan area (Seoul, Incheon, Gyeon-gi). Whichever one you buy, you can use it freely within the 30-day limit. People who use the subway only in Seoul should buy the former. With the former ticket, you can break-even if you use the subway more than fourty four times a month in the same direction!

On the other side, if you are a subway user who moves around Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, and Incheon, the latter would be better. It can be used with the discounted fare (the original fare * 44 * 15% discount). If you use it more than 38 times a month, you can break-even. Plus, please note the fact that if you’re out of range of the Seoul metropolitan zone, the number of times will be deducted once more. The discount rate is 15 percent, and the benefits are more than those of Seoul-only tickets!

남인한 2

To use this ticket, you need to buy a charge card for 2,500 won from a subway station attendant, not an ordinary ticket machine. Only then can you top-up your ticket using the card chargers at the stations.

I hope you find a method of using the subway that suits you best and receive lots of benefits!

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