Wangsimli Arcade

Jung Lee

Right outside the campus, on the way to Wangsimli station, the wonderland of arcade welcomes and attracts crowds all the time. Mobile games have now replaced arcades in Korea and less people visit them. Arcades, however, are very symbolic to my generation since most of us have experiences lining up for game machines with a few coins in our hands. I can still vividly recall my-young-self happily playing video games on those machines.이정 1

The arcades have now changed that they offer more game machines of physical activities such as DDR, basketball, and darts. Above all, the punch machines in front of the arcade are the best attraction for boys who always want to show off their strength.

Inside the arcade unfolds a miniature version of the carnivals you often see in the Unites States. There are toy rifle shooting ranges, baseball games, claw machines, and a variety of rhythm games, all of which offer you a prize if you reach certain points. You can get lovely Pokémon dolls and adorable Kakao Friends dolls as prizes!

이정 4.jpg

Last Friday, my friends and I had some time left before an appointment and decided to check out the arcade. My American friend Mark, who served in the Marine Corps back in his homeland, beat all of us at the shooting range and won a Pikachu doll! Our excursion to the arcade was brief but very memorable. The next time you have an appointment near the Wangsimli area and have some time to kill, why not have some fun at the arcade?


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