Enjoying Korean Baseball in Incheon

Written by Gayoung Hong

          Starting on the 24th, Korean Pro-Baseball will be beginning its league. In Korea, baseball is one of the most popular sports among people. It would be a wonderful experience visiting one of the baseball stadiums in Korea. Compared with other countries playing ball, Korean baseball has its endemic characteristics like the cheering culture.

Among the pro-baseball stadiums in Korea, today, I would like to introduce Incheon Munhak Baseball Stadium which is the home field of SK Wyverns. SK Wyverns uses ‘Sportainment’ marketing to target fans of all ages. ‘Sportainment’ is a newly coined word of ‘Sports’ and ‘Entertainment,’ meaning that we can think sports as another entertainment industry. With this marketing, SK Wyverns made many types of seats that fans of all ages can enjoy. Let me introduce four different seats to you guys.

-Cheering Designated Seats, where you can feel Korean Baseball’s cheering culture

Photo 1

^ (Photo reference: Oh my news) This is the whole view of Incheon Munhak Baseball Stadium.

If you would like to feel the culture which is ‘only’ in Korea, I recommend you visit the cheering designated seats. Major League Baseball does not have cheering cultures like Korea does. They only sing songs during the recess time between innings. Compared with this, each of the Korean baseball teams have cheerleaders. With the lead of the cheerleaders, baseball fans use stick balloons and sing the players’ cheering songs, shout out slogans for the team. This kind of culture exists only in Korean Baseball League.

Cheering Designated seats are the most suitable seat for those who want to feel the cheering culture. Before, there weren’t boundaries between general admission seats and cheering designated seats. However, after some time, baseball teams started making boundaries between them because they wanted to respect the fans who would like to enjoy the cheering culture completely. Those whose visit to the stadium is first or those who like high tension. (Price: Weekdays 11,000 won, Weekend 14,000 won)

-E-Mart Barbeque Zone, watching baseball with barbeque

Photo 2

^(Photo Reference: MBC SPORTS+ News) This is the picture of people enjoying barbeque in the barbeque zone.

Have you ever thought of having barbeque with baseball? People often think fried chicken and beer. (We call it ‘Chi-Maek (치맥)’ which is a newly coined word of ‘Fried chicken’ and ‘Beer’) However in Incheon stadium, we have ‘Barbeque Zone,’ where we can watch baseball with barbeque. This kind of seat does not exist in other stadiums in Korea. It is only in Incheon! I am sure it would be a special experience for you if you watch baseball here with your friends or family. One thing you should remember, you need to prepare your own grill and meat. (Price: Weekdays 80,000 won, Weekend 100,000 won per 4 people)

-T Green Zone, Enjoy baseball inside tents

Photo 3

^ (Photo Reference: MBC SPORTS + News) This is the picture of ‘T-Green Zone.’ You can see people enjoying the game inside the tent.

As a part of the ‘Sportainment’ marketing, SK Wyverns showed ‘Green Marketing.’ They tried to show the image of eco-friendly in the stadium. They made players’ uniforms with recycled plastic bottles and had campaigns asking people to ride bicycles when coming to the stadium. As an extension of this marketing, SK made ‘T Green Zone’ inside the stadium. ‘T Green Zone’ is located on the outfield of the stadium, and it is covered with grass. You can build tents on the grass and enjoy baseball there. I think it would be a wonderful experience to enjoy baseball as a camping style.

We also have many events here. On ‘Cool Summer Festival,’ you can enjoy baseball on the sun bed and on ‘Wyverns Dog Day,’ you can watch baseball with your pet. If you would like to have new experiences in the baseball field, I recommend you visit this seat. (Price: Weekdays 10,000 won, Weekend 13,000 won)

Starting this weekend, how about visiting the baseball stadium to make many good memories?

((Way to go to Incheon Munhak Baseball Stadium from Hanyang))

Hanyang University Station (Green Line, Number 2) -> Shindorim Station (Blue Line, Number 1) -> Bupyeong Station (Incheon Blue Line, Number 1) -> Munhak Stadium Station

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