Jeju: paradise on earth / trip to Jeju

Fanny Chouteau-Lapierre

To start off this blog with a bang, I decided to introduce one of the most beautiful places in South Korea, Jeju Island. Located south of the country, this exotic island keeps a tropical-like temperature all-year.

We went end of February, with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius in what I would call “dead season” for tourism. It means we were one of the few tourists visiting, which was perfect.

What can you do in Jeju? A bit of everything, which we loved. You can walk along the sea, visit waterfalls and enjoy panoramic views to die for. Jeju is an island that experienced volcanic activity and so, there are multiple volcanic cones everywhere. Ilchulbong is the most famous and the one we visited which offered a fantastic view after a short hike, nothing too forcing. Over there you can also watch the women divers in action and enjoy some Jeju tangerines, also offered in juice. This special mix between a mandarin and orange is only grown on the island.

Fanny 1

Jeju is also home to multiple gardens and arboretums, all of them worth the detour. We went to Camellia Hill, hill decorated by multiple plants and camellias, which is perfect for your new Instagram picture.

Fanny 2

The famous teahouse O’sulloc is based in Jeju, where it originated and grows its tea bushes thanks to the agreeable weather. Originally, O’sulloc was created with the goal of introducing and spreading Korean teas and the traditional tea culture in Korea. Over there they offer tea time and tea stone tour. You can also walk among the tea plants and visit the tea museum where you will be able to enjoy a O’sulloc tea of your choice in their café, It will be impossible to not buy at least one tea packet.

Hallasan Mountain is part UNESCO’s world heritage and a national park. There’s no way to miss it, as it is the highest point in the middle of Jeju. There are 5 different trails for hiking, all ranging different levels of difficulty. The one we did, Seongpanak trail was an approximately 8-hour hike, 4 hours going up and 4 hours going down. It definitely is a hard trail that I wouldn’t recommend for the beginners. You also need studs or stud shoes during winter as the mountain is covered in snow. The Eoseungsaengak trail is the shortest and easiest for those who want to be able to walk around and enjoy.  It is 30 minutes each way with a total distance of 1.3 km.

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As for food, you won’t be disappointed. Jeju is famous for black pork, which you eat bbq style with side dishes. There is a big diversity of seafood. In Seogwuipo, there is the street food along the sea where you can try every kind of seafood. A personal favourite is the seafood pancake with a bottle of Jeju’s soju.

Other worthy mentions of activities to do In Jeju:


– Udo Island

– Hamdeok and Hyeopjae beach

-Bijarim Forest

-Jeolmul natural forest resort

– Jeju Stone Park


To do

-Jeju Kimnyoung Maze Park

-Jeju Folklore and Natural Museum

-Dongmun Market

-Jeju Glass Castle

-Bulsari Tapsa Temple

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