Jeju: paradise on earth / trip to Jeju

Fanny Chouteau-Lapierre To start off this blog with a bang, I decided to introduce one of the most beautiful places in South Korea, Jeju Island. Located south of the country, this exotic island keeps a tropical-like temperature all-year. We went end of February, with temperatures around 10 degrees Celsius in what I would call “dead […]

Jeju-do: The Island of Wind, Rocks, and Women

Jeju-do (제주도) is Korea’s largest island, as well as the favorite domestic holiday destination for both locals and travelers because of its beach resorts, volcanic sceneries, and beautiful landscapes. Jeju-do is known for its “three plenties” – wind, rocks, and women. “Wind” refers to Jeju-do’s geographic location that attracts lots of wind. Today, Jeju’s wind […]

Escape to Jeju Island

Seoul is a concrete jungle full of neon lights, loud noises, and huge crowds of people – and I absolutely love it. That being said, there comes a point where you just need a break! Luckily for all of you, Korea has many natural escapes to offer. Jeju Island (제주도) is definitely high (if not at […]

Love Land on Jeju Island

On Jeju Island there is a wide assortment of activities and attractions, some simple and some quite strange. One of the strange and surprising attractions Jeju has to offer is Love Land. It is an art park themed around eroticism. Love Land opened in 2004 and the main collaborators for the park were graduates of […]

Visit to Jeju Island

Last weekend I went to Jeju Island for four days. It was great! I went swimming on beautiful beaches, saw some amazing geology, ate some delicious food, saw some cool trees. I returned to school relaxed and refreshed Flights to Jeju from Seoul (Gimpo airport) were very inexpensive from Jeju Air. My round trip after […]