Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic


If there is anything that is really weird in the eyes of some, but is totally normal for some others, I would vote for KOMC as one of those things. KOMC, as is stated in the title, stands for Korean Oriental Medicine Clinic. KOMC is one of the big schools of oriental medicine.

For those who never heard of it, let me begin with introducing what oriental medicine exactly is. It practices medicine with the underlying belief that there are different body types, each working in different ways. This belief system has been worked on and separated into multiple schools. While developing oriental medicine, many old Asian nations, mostly China, Korea, and Japan, each made their own theory that works in its own way. Most people say that oriental medicine derives from China, which is most likely correct. However, over time as they separated, each practice treated patients accordingly, leading doctors of oriental medicine to bring similar practices under one over one name, with each nation’s name at the front, thus the birth of KOMC

Still, in the eyes of outsiders, they are very similar in ways of treatment. So, for you guys out there, there are basically 3 treatments. Starting with acupuncture, moxibustion, and medicine.

All of those treatments lead to one main theme, and a goal, of oriental medicine. It is to go back to ‘the original form’. ‘The original form’ shows pretty much all of the oriental medicine’s underlying theory, which is that people have their own perfect form of body type, and they will get sick or feel pain when they are out of the shape. This kind of shape, mostly, is formed inside of mother’s womb, thus “the original shape”.

Yes, this is a very old concept on human anatomy, so it doesn’t include treating modern diseases, like cancer. However, it can be amazingly, and sometimes even magically, better than most modern medicine when it comes to everyday problems and some long-term illness. I personally believe that this is because modern medicine focuses on eliminating the causes to problems in the body, while oriental medicine focuses on how you should act, in order to prevent or fight off problems.


To elaborate, acupuncture is about literally puncturing your roads of energy, which are located in your body, with long needle. It is to make your body correct itself by stimulating the energy roads so that it can go back to its original form. A lot of Korean students would tell you to try acupuncture, when you are suffering from a muscle ache or a neuralgia. Though it is true that acupuncture is very good at those, it covers more than that. Something like chronic stomach problems can be helped too.


Moxibustion is about imbuing heat energy, so called yang, in to the places where it needs. This sound very much like a pseudo-science theory, but it works! It’s just like heat packs on overly flexed muscle. It makes blood flow much better, which makes it best for some old people or people with weak body type.


Lastly, medicine, or as people mostly call it ‘Chinese medicine’, is to boost immune systems and give substances that you lack of. As the original form cannot be achieved partially, it is crucial to have the most basics of human body. They are like vitamin supplements, just with some substances that acts differently with different purpose, when combined.

While I did separately define, mostly, they all are used at the same time, or 2 of them, at least.

By now, you must be wondering, why I am explaining all this. The thing is, I think it is very important to experience something very exotic, when I visit a country in a culture that I have no contact at all when I am in my own country. Why not try something that has such a long history, great reviews and non-invasive method of improving one’s health?

As mentioned above, you don’t have to be sick. If you have chronic problem, or have a weak part in your body, then you are the right person for the treatment. Simply, if I view my health situation like a game health bar, it can be thought as increasing the maximum health points, not healing to the maximum that I possess already. Or, if you have a really bad breathing problem, and you hate spring, aka the pollens, then you can visit to have reduced reactive coughs and runny nose, too. To add more, there are also acupunctures for less acne and better skin quality, and I already feel like that could be the single factor that drives ladies, mostly, to KOMCs.

Then here comes, how. There are, actually, a lot of KOMCs in Korea that foreigners can visit, and this is one of those.

  1. The pyun-gang KOMC is very popular among the Koreans too. As one of the Korean leading KOMC brand, they offer English version of their site and you can ask them questions whenever you want through the call, or kakao-talk.


  • The url for the homepage. If it is Korean, you can just go top right, and click language to change the language.
  1. Same as the first one, just different brand. A unique thing would be that their department head is Austrian. Plus, they support many more language than the upper one. This might be a better clinic for students who can’t speak English very fluently.


  • The url for the homepage. If it is Korean, you can just go top left and change language.

If you need some reviews on what’s oriental medicine, overall, I’ve got some YouTube reactions too.


  • About the French guys trying oriental medicine


  • An event involving, making a good smiley face through acupuncture

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