An afternoon out to Donga Ilbo (by Yongshin)

Dongailbo is one of the Top 3 newspaper companies in South Korea. It also has Channel A, which is a broadcasting station. On November 10th, foreign exchange students with Glitters visited Dongailbo.
Donga media center which is the head office of Dongailbo is located near Gwanghwamun. You can also visit here by applying at the homepage of Dongailbo. However, you should notice that there should be more than 15 people.


Tour of Dongailbo started at 12th floor. Many reporters are located on 12th floor. We learned about the history and vision of Dongailbo. Dongailbo was founded in 1920th, which was during Japanese colonial era. Dongailbo has always been representing the voice of people for 90 years now. We also went to editorial department of Dongailbo and newsroom of Channel A. At there, we saw various sources of news and departments like political, society, culture, international departments. We could feel how vivid collecting news is. Also, we saw production of newspaper using high tech equipment. It made us think about rapid growth of new-media era of 21th century.

Then we moved to 14th floor where editorial department is located. We heard how each newspaper is published and then asked questions related to the publishing newspaper business. Then, we watched the process of publishing our commemoration newspaper using the picture that we took at the 1st floor. It was wonderful and meaningful that we could have our own newspaper.


Also, we visited open studio of Channel A. Channel A is a broadcasting station of Dongailbo and opened at 2011. It is cable channel and also a TV channels of comprehensive programming. Except SBS, KBS, MBC, other channels can’t make various fields of program. They should have their own expert field and should make program about that field. However, at 2010, the government permitted 4 channels that they could make various fields of programs and channel A is one of them. Visiting studio of broadcasting station is very rare experience and also many students are interested in broadcasting so they were very interested in watching the studio.

Lastly, we moved to Newspaper museum which located right next to the Donga media center. We saw exhibit related to Dongailbo and Korean media. We could learn about history of development of newspaper. We watched video ‘A day of journalist’ and completed the tour of Dongailbo.


After the tour, we went for dinner. We went to Gyo-dong jeonssam. It is Jeon restaurant, which is Pan-fried Delicacies. Koreans are familiar with this but many exchange students are unfamiliar with it. Although they ate Jeon for the first time, they liked it so much.


We always watch newspaper and TV, but we don’t have many chances to know about how they make these. By the tour of Donga media center, we can learn the process of publishing newspaper and making TV program. I feel thankful to Dongailbo participants who explained us friendly, in detail and also for our special newspaper and Glitters who planned this program.

Article by Yongshin Jeon, a sophomore at Hanyang

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