How to economically enjoy Snow Board and Ski in Korea (Part II) (by Jeongmok)

Hi, this is Jung Mok again and today I am going to write about how to practically utilize rental shops to enjoy skiing. There are so many things to prepare for skiing and snowboarding. You need to have decent skis and board clothing to keep warm and prevent injury. Also, you need to bring actual board and ski equipment to ride the slope. Well when I was young, I loved to sled so I used a rice sack to ride and in that case, you won’t need any equipment.

Furthermore, you need to purchase a lift pass to go up the hill, and it is the most expensive purchase that you make when you go to ski. If you are willing to go to ski every weekend day and night during the winter, it would be more economical to buy Season Pass; however, it costs an arm and a leg.


As you can see in the picture it costs around $400 and if you are just willing to go once or twice buying season pass would be very expensive.

Because there are tons of things to prepare and purchase when you do not have any equipment and clothes. There is a way a lot of people use to enjoy skiing relatively cheap price.

And the answer is USE THE SKI RENTAL SHOP!!!

I am a big fan of skiing so I go to ski resort annually with my friends. Ski resort that I go the most is Gonjiam Resort which is very close from Seoul and you can get there by subway in 90mins from our university. I wish I can buy a season pass however I don’t have enough money for that, which is why we use rental shop.

There are literally 50+ ski rental shop near resort. I will explain four benefits of using Rental Shop

  1. There are tons of different designs of ski resort you can chose
  2. You can borrow high-quality and new equipment
  3. You can purchase lift pass with discounted price
  4. There are rental shop cars that will take you to destination
  5. So firstly, you can be a fashionable person when you get to the rental shop. They display new designs of numerous ski and board clothes every year. And it only cost 10,000 won. So, you just saved $300 because ski clothing is usually very expensive. Furthermore, you can also borrow helmet, gloves and arm protection if you need them. I strongly recommend you bring sunglass or goggle to protect you eyes! However, I just wear adidas training pants and padding wear to save money haha.
  6. Secondly, you can borrow ski equipment for only 15,000 won. Even though it seems very cheap, the quality of the equipment is outstanding. They always update the equipment and good care of the equipment to prevent negligent accidents. Thus, you can borrow equipment in nice price and decent quality. They are help you fitting to optimize the size of and length of ski and board for your safety.
  7. Third, and it is the bottom line of the article. Since ski rental shop is partner with the resort, when you utilize rental shop they give you 20% discount of total price.


So, this table is fixed price of the resort. For 4-hr pass, the original price is 58,000 won but if you use the rental service, you can buy it for 46,400 won so you can save about 12,000 won. And if you like to ski after 10pm to 4am they give 35% off price for the pass. I like to go mid-night skiing because there are not many people there, so you don’t need to wait much for the lift. However, it is very tiring so mind that if you like to go after 10pm.

  1. Lastly, if you use rental service, they will be taking care of you going back and forth to resort and subway station. They will escort you from station to rental shop to resort and vice versa, so you can save a lot of time and money. You can just call them 10 min before you arrive.

So, these are some tips when I go to ski resort. By using these tips, you will save a lot of money and time. The price of rental shops is all the same. So, you don’t need to waste your time finding cheaper service. It is not an advertisement, but I frequently use “W Ski”

You can go to the website, it is in easy Korean, so if you need help you can ask your Korean friend to help you make the reservation, if you are going to Gonjiam Resort. Most of the services that they offer are similar in any ski rental shop and ski resorts.

Enjoy your Ski Life in Korea!!!!

(Article by Jeongmok, a sophomore at Hanyang)


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