Travel on Subway Line Number 3!

Today I’d like to introduce some various places to go by taking subway line 3. It was built in 1985. Line number 3 is built for maximize the usage of line number 2. Line number 3 connects from Daehwa Station (대화역) to Ogeum Station (오금역). It connects the northwest and southeast part of Seoul in diagonal line.

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First place that I want to introduce is Garosu-gil Road (가로수길) of Sinsa-dong (신사동). Garosu-gil is known as one of Korea’s best shopping locations and it lives up to that reputation. Starting from a few years back, the 700 meter street started to become saturated with businesses and one by one, cafes and shops opened up in the side streets as well. In 1982, the Yeh Gallery relocated to the area becoming one of Gangnam’s first commercial art gallerys and this is one of the main reasons why Garosu-gil came to be known as the “artists’ alley”. Garosu-gil also has plenty of boutiques, pop-up stores and markets that add to the overall atmosphere. You can visit Garosu-gil by getting out of exit number 8 of Sinsa Station (신사역).

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Source: english.visitseoul.nettoursShop-in-Garosu-gil-Eat-in-Serosu-gil–Explore-Sinsa-dong_617

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When you get out of exit number 5 of Express Bus Terminal Station (고속버스터미널역) and go straight, you can find the entrance of Seorae Village (서래마을). Seorae Village is often called Korea’s “Little France.” In 1985, the French School of Seoul (서울) settled in Seorae Village and French residents of Seoul followed the school and many live in the area. You can find lots of cafes in Seorae Village. The cafes on Seorae Village’s Cafe Street are a natural part of the French residents’ lives. Cafes here aren’t just coffee shops, but also function as restaurants too. A cafe in France offers coffee as a matter of course, but wine and food are available as well. Most cafes have either a balcony or a terrace and offer that most typical of French meals, steak and a baguette. You can experience calm and exlusive French feeling in Seorae Village.

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Dongguk University Station (동대입구역) is very near from Dongguk University (동국대학교). Also, it is near from The Shilla Hotel (호텔신라) and Seoul N Tower (Namsan Tower). Also, at Dongguk University station, you can find Jangchung-dong Pigs’ Feet Alley (장충동 족발골목). It is the most famous Pigs’ Feet Alley in Korea. Jangchung-dong Pigs’ Feet Alley has over 50 years of history and various tasty restaurants with their own knowhows. Pigs’ Feet is unique food that it is hard to eat at other country. Therefore, I strongly recommend to visit there and eat delicious Pigs’ Feet.

Source: news.naver.commainread.nhnmode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=308&aid=0000006019

Source: news.naver.commainread.nhnmode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=308&aid=0000006019


Source: Naver Maps

Dongnimmun Station (독립문역) is right next to Seodaemun Independence Park (서대문독립공원). Seodaemun Independence Park is the place where Seodaemun Prison (서대문 형무소) was located. It includes heartbreaking history of Korea during the Japanese Colonial era. Many fighters for national independence were imprisoned at Seodaemun Independence Park and tortured by Japanese. Seodaemun Prison is preserved as Seodaemun Prison History Hall (서대문 형무소 역사관)and you can learn some history related to Seodaemun Prison. Also, Dongnimmun Gate (독립문) which was made by Independence Club (독립협회) in 1895 is also located in Seodaemun Independence Park. It is very large park and you can learn a lot of history during Japanese colonial era at Seodaemun Independence Park.

Source: terms.naver.comentry.nhndocId=3575161&cid=58924&categoryId=58933

Source: terms.naver.comentry.nhndocId=3575161&cid=58924&categoryId=58933


Article by Yongshin from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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