Seoul: An EDM Lover’s Dream

Seoul is a music mecca. From the incredible homegrown talent here producing K-Pop, as well as Korean Hip Hop and R&B, which is popular the world over, Seoul has also become a destination for many international acts, with bands like Coldplay virtually selling out every seat the Jamsil Sports Complex Main Stadium. And when it comes to electronic dance music (EDM), this megatropolis has people covered also. Check out the list below for some incredible EDM summer festivals:

What: Seoul World DJ Festival 2017

Where: Jamsil Olympic Stadium (잠실 올림픽 경기장)

When: May 13-14, 2017


Unofficially the kick off to a summer full of world-class EDM music, Seoul World DJ Festival takes place in the Olympic Stadium of Jamsil. With the headliners like Madeon, Zed’s Dead and Excision taking the stage over the two days, it’ll be sure to be an awesome way to kick off the season. Act quick though, as some sales of the ticket tiers have already ended as we get closer to the festival.

The schedule and lineup for Seoul DJ World Festival 2017 (Source:

The schedule and lineup for Seoul DJ World Festival 2017 (Source:


What: Ultra Korea

Where: Olympic Stadium (잠실 올림픽 경기장)

When: June 10-11, 2017


Part of Ultra Music Festival’s worldwide expansion, Ultra Korea started in 2012 with three stages, drawing in about 60,000 EDM fans. Since then, the festival popularity has exploded and in 2016, attendance has almost tripled, with Ultra Korea 2016 attracting 160,000 people live and over 700,000 people streaming the event. The lineup is still currently being released in phases, with the third announcement to come out soon. I even know of some of my hardcore EDM friends attending this event. It will definitely be an amazing experience.

A video recap of Ultra Korea 2016.

The first two phases of lineup announcements for Ultra Korea 2017 (Source:



Where: Incheon-Munhak Stadium (인천 문학 경기장)

When: September 22-24, 2017


An expansion of the original German event with the same name, WORLD CLUB DOME Korea’s goal is to essentially be the world’s largest club and to create the “perfect party night” where you can immerse yourself in “Real Club Sound” from both Germany and Korea. Part of the event’s lineup has already been released – I even got to watch one of the headliners, Le Shuuk, perform in a Gangnam megaclub, and he is not worth missing!

Venue map for Incheon-Munhak Stadium (Source:

The first line-up announcement video for WORLD CLUB DOME Korea 2017


What: Spectrum Dance Music Festival

Where: Nanji Hangang River Park (난지한강공원)

When: TBA


This festival is definitely one to keep an eye out for. No official dates have been announced for the Spectrum Dance Music Festival yet, but it’s safe to say that it may likely take place around the same time as last year and in the same venue. Last year, the festival took place at Nanji Hangang Park (where the HIPHOPPLAYA Music Festival I attended was held) during the fall. Bets are that the setup will be similar to last year’s, with the festival to take place later in the year, and at the same venue.


Can’t Wait for Good EDM?

Are these festivals too far and few between? There are a bunch of great EDM nightclubs around Seoul. Here are a few top picks that will cater to any taste – whether you’re into classic hardstyle, techno, deep house or trance, Seoul has a an EDM spot for everyone:


What: Octagon (옥타곤)

Where: Gangnam (강남)

Consistently ranked within the top 20 clubs in the world, I had the chance to spend my birthday here. Cover fee is pricey at 30,000 Won and the cheapest drinks (basic shots) start at 10,000 Won so watch how much you spend! The plus side is, if you’re more into hip-hip like me, they have a second floor that exclusively plays that music.


What: Club Answer (클럽 앤써)

Where: Gangnam (강남)

Club Answer is another Gangnam megaclub. The crowds in Gangnam are typically older, so if that’s more your speed you’ll be in good company! 


What: Vurt

Where: Hongdae (홍대)

For those who prefer to party in Hongdae/Hapjeong (홍대/합정) and enjoy a chiller type of EDM, Vurt is a bit off the beaten path, but definitely the place to be. 




Article by Kevin from Canada

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