Things to See Before Going Straight to Seoul N (Namsan) Tower

Look around Chungmu-ro (충무로) before going straight to Namsan Tower (남산타워) or otherwise Seoul N Tower (서울 N타워).

Many people touring Seoul go to the Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower itself isn’t a short course but there are more things to see near Namsan Tower in Chungmu-ro.

Fortunately I found a tour which provides guide through the street museums in Chungmu-ro.

The tour name was Yesultong (예술통). It was quite fresh to see the newly made street museums.


  1. Where is the Exact Location of the Tour

Source: Google Maps

The street museums are in Chungmu-ro and near Chungmu-ro there is Namsan Hanok Village (남산한옥마을). The tour involves museums inside the Namsan Hanok Village so we have a chance to look around. And after the tour we have a choice to see the Namsan tower.


  1. How to Make Reservation of the Tour (pic 2)

Actually we do not have to make a reservation to see the street museums but to see the museums with a tour guide we must book at The price is 10,000 Won and you can pay it on the spot.


  1. Introduction of the Museums

There are 3 kinds of museums street museums, open museums, micro museums. “StreetMuseum is a non-profit exhibition space located in and nearby Namsangol Hanok (traditional Korean house) Village. This attracts foreign visitors for experiencing both Korean history and contemporary art.  As you can assume, StreetMuseum is located on the street which makes people to approach art easily. There are total 8 StreetMuseums so far and each museum shows various contemporary arts: painting, sculpture, photograph, installation, and media art (Source:” Open museum is actually a building in use which is wrapped with an artistic spirit. The micro museum is scattered in several displays in the street near the street museums.

All of these museums were built in a propose to rebuild up the town Pil-dong (필동). Pil-dong was a town famous for the printing industry which now days all moved to ovether places like Paju (파주). One of the town people started a project to make Pil-dong to rebuild its liveliness. So the founder started with his private money to make the streets in Pil-dong active. Nowadays Pil-dong town is getting support from the government and many people join to rebuild the town.


  1. Arts of the Museums

There were lots of arts and I will introduce the most impressive ones.

There was a rest area in the street. The place wasn’t an area for young people but a famous artist called Sakun helped remodeling the rest place and made it youth friendly.

There was an artificial nest made under the bridge called nest. This place was used as a garbage dump by the residents. Nobody looked after this place and the garbage kept harming the appearance of the town. As a solution people made a small museum and resident are now managing the place.


  1. Cafes, Pubs, Places to Eat

Of course there is an advantage for booking the tour for 10000 Won. We get a free drink of beer, tea, or coffee. The drinks didn’t have the value of the money but the café related with the tour was awesome. The colors of the walls and the pictures hanging on the wall was cool. Also I had a chance to get in the pub related with the tour to get a free drink. The pub offered people a free drink of beer if they collected all the stamps in the street museums.

I had to eat lunch near at Chungmu-ro. There weren’t plenty of options near here. I planned to eat naengmyeon (냉면) at a place very famous for it. There were 3 famous traditional places that served naengmyeon but the place I really wanted to go was closed at Sunday. (pic9 from 수요미식회) (pic 10 Pil-dong Myeon-ok (필동면옥) is one of the most traditional and famous 평양 style naengmyeon restaurants. But we went to eat kimbap near Namsan Hanok Village (pic11) There aren’t many information about this place but you could find this place if necessary because the shop is the only yellow building near the entrance of Namsan Hanok Village (남산 한옥마을).


  1. Source: Google Maps


    6. Namsan Hanok Village (남산 한옥마을)

Right next to the street museums there is a small hanok village. It is not as big as the one in Bukchon (북촌) or Jeonju (전주) but it’s a must see for the people touring Chungmu-ro. There are traditional shows, and also some people can use this village as a private wedding place.


Article by Jong Hyuk from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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