Say Hi to out Bloggers for the 2018 Fall Semester


Name: Kim Yunkun 김윤건
Where you are from: KoreaAge: 24
Fun fact or experience about yourself: This is my second time working as a reporter for the HUBS Blog and wish to share more with you guys! I am currently developing a mobile game and hope to finish it as soon as possible!


Name: JungHoon Park (박정훈)
Where you are from: Republic of Korea, obviously. I currently live in Anyang-si (si is an equivalent of a city).
Age: 24
Fun fact or experience about yourself:
I have a prior experience as a HUBS reporter. I wrote articles last semester. This semester, I will focus on events or festivals that happen around Seoul, and places that are accessible by public transportation but not getting the “Proper” attention of tourists, or even locals.

Name: Sooin Moon (문수인)
Where you are from: Korea
Age: 22 years old.
Fun fact or experience about yourself: I’ve recently finished my military term, as auxiliary police. I’ve learned english while going to international schools in China, and Thailand. As I knew nothing before going to an of those countries, I learned a lot of things including stuffs only foreigners might find difficult to deal with. So I’ll try my best to stand in foreigner’s stance and introduce you guys things that are helpful to live in a foreign country with zero base knowledge or experience.


Name: Kathy Pham
Age: 20 year old
Where are you from: Exchange student from the University of Alberta in Canada!
Fun fact or experience about yourself: I enjoy eating different foods and going on adventures whether that be discovering new cafes or hiking a mountain in Jeju! I am pleased to be a reporter for myHUBS blogs this semester and I hope that my articles help you with your stay at Hanyang University!


Name: Kamari Koonce
Where are you from: Maryland, USA
Age: 21
Fun fact: I look up to Jackie Aina because she uses her platform as one of the biggest beauty influences on Youtube to change the standards of beauty and voice concerns for representation/diversity for minority women.


Name: Hail Chang
Where I am from: Korea/America
Age: 23
Fun Fact: I lived half my life in Chicago just a few blocks away from Obama’s old house before he was president. But now I can’t visit Obama’s house nor visit my old place without proper id…. :(


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