A One Day Trip to the Nearby City, Incheon

There are many things to do for a person in Seoul (서울). However, Seoul may be a little bit boring after a couple months, and you may want to try different places in Korea. Incheon (인천) is the right place for you.

This is the schedule we recommend for your one day trip in Incheon. First, you should go to Incheon Station (인천역) by subway line number 1. It may take a little long, but if you just chit-chat with your friends, the subway ride isn’t that bad. If you come out of Incheon Station, across the street you can see Incheon China Town (인천 차이나타운). China Town greets you with its huge doors and bold red colors. You may want to look around China Town, but having lunch is first.

There are many restaurants in Incheon China Town that sell Chinese cuisine. However, Yeon-Kyeong (연경) is the spot I recommend. If you walk straight up the hill of China Town, there is Yeon-Kyeong (연경). There may be a line in front of the restaurant, but Yeon-Kyeong is a bigger restaurant than it looks like, so waiting in line will not take as long as you think. My friend and I ordered Yeon-Kyeong’s signature menu, White Jia-jang-meon (백짜장면) and Crab & Shrimp Jiam-pong (꽃게 새우짬뽕) as in the picture above. We also ordered some Shrimp dumplings. Jia-jang-meon (짜장면) is also called black bean noodles, so it is well known for its black color. But Yeon-Kyeong’s White Jia-jang-meon is different. It is not as salty as original Jia-jang-meon, and the sauce has small cut pieces of vegetables, pork and shrimp. This makes it easier to taste the ingredients with the noodles at the same time. The Crab & Shrimp Jiam-pong has fried crab and shrimp, and many other seafood. You might think that the crab and shrimp aren’t good because they are fried, but they are very plump and full with juices. But the food with the most filled juices are the Shrimp dumplings. They have whole shrimp inside, and I have never yet found a place better than Yeon-Kyeong for the Shrimp Dumplings.

If you have completely filled your stomach, you can now head on to Fairy Tale Village. It is at the end of China Town, about an 10 minute walk from Yeon-Kyeong (연경). On the way you can see that many people sell, and are also wearing, cute and funny hairpins(Especially heart shaped ones). This is said to be a “thing” in China nowadays, having cute hairpins. On the way to Fairy Tale Village, why not get your own with your friend? It will leave as a funny memory of your experiences in Korea.

Complete with your new hairpin, you can take many pictures of Fairy Tale Village. Although it may be awkward at first, taking pictures in front of murals and princesses are a blast. Try as many funny poses as possible, spread your imagination!

After taking as many pictures as you can at Fairy Tale Village, Head back to Chinatown for a small snack. Chinatown sells provides you with a lot of street food. There are egg tarts, bread, chicken on a stick, and lamb on a stick. I personally liked lamb on a stick. Eating the street food, go back to Incheon Station. In front of Incheon Station, you can take a bus to Wolmido (월미도). Wolmido is a small island. It only takes about 15 minutes to go by bus. You can ask the information center in front of Incheon Station for information about what number bus to ride to Wolmido. They are very kind, and many people ask them for information about the bus that they even have slits of paper with the numbers of the buses ready for you to take.

Arriving at Wolmido, there is the wide ocean open in front of you. There is also a white lighthouse, and a seaside park. Taking a stroll beside the ocean also feels great. The seaside stroll trail also is a trail of poke-stops. If you are a fan of Pokémon, grab some monsters on the way.

You can’t pass by without seeing the Wolmido Theme Park too. Entrance to the park is free, and you have to pay by ride. The three most famous rides are the Viking, Ferris wheel, and Disco Pang Pang. The Wolmido Viking is a challenge for those who love rides. The Viking at Wolmido is famous for going up so high, and being high from the start, it is on top of a two-story building. The Ferris wheel is great to see the Incheon Sea. The Disco Pang Pang is also a landmark of Wolmido.

Chinatown, Fairy Tale Village, and Wolmido. You have already saw three places of Incheon. Of course there is Song-do (송도) and Central Park of Incheon also still to see, but it must be a fantastic one-day trip. I hope that you will all visit Incheon someday.


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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