Sushi Restaurants in Wangsimni

Sushi Restaurant in Wangsimni From now on, the weather is going to be colder and colder. Originally the autumn starts over from September to November, but actually the autumn in Korea is approaching at the end of September. As the weather changes slowly, I have recently fallen into the Sushi food without no reason. Therefore, […]

Recommending Korean Historical Films (Part 2)

Hello, everyone. Hope you all had good weekend. Here I come back with Part 2 of Korean History films! Last article was about Joseon Dynasty (조선왕조) and the colonial era. Today’s article will be covering topics closer to the present: war, post-war, and present. Also, I thought the movies from the last article were all […]

Russian Restaurants in Seoul

One thing that students may find it hard to adjust to in Korea is the food. It’s very spicy, there is a lot of rice, a little meet in it, so food might be one of the culture shocks that you can experience here from my cultural perspective. I wasn’t an exception. When I just arrived […]

Meet Beauty and Nature at Petite France and Nami Island!

Last week we had Chuseok holiday (추석연휴) in Korea. Because we have 5 days off, so it is a good time for us to go for a trip. We chose to go to 2 places including Petite France (쁘띠프랑스), Nami Island (남이섬) on Chuseok Day. It is an unforgettable and worthy trip. Now, please allow […]

Bringing People Together with Music: Lotte Concert Hall

Hip-hop seems to be at the peak of popularity these days in Korea. Since the big hit of Show Me the Money (쇼미더머니) and Un-Pretty Rap Star (언프리티 랩스타), which are both big-time hip-hop programs on television, everywhere is filled with hip-hop and gangster rap. Now, your ears deserve peace and silence away from giddy […]