Bringing People Together with Music: Lotte Concert Hall



Hip-hop seems to be at the peak of popularity these days in Korea. Since the big hit of Show Me the Money (쇼미더머니) and Un-Pretty Rap Star (언프리티 랩스타), which are both big-time hip-hop programs on television, everywhere is filled with hip-hop and gangster rap. Now, your ears deserve peace and silence away from giddy beatbox. There is the perfect place for you to take a break from the noise and calm yourself down. That is the very place of Lotte Concert Hall (롯데콘서트홀), where luxurious interior welcomes you, where friendly attendants serve you in case you need help, and soft classical music embraces you softly and gently.

The Grand Concert Hall of Excellence

Lotte Concert Hall, one of the biggest and professional auditoriums only dedicated to classical music, is located in Lotte World Mall (롯데월드몰) at Jamsil Station (잠실역) in Seoul (서울). It has opened on August 19th in this year. As many as 2,036 seats are available for the visitors and 22 seats are wheelchair-accessible. The concert hall is designed by “Nagata Acoustics” which is the well-known company that designed world-class concert hall such as Suntory Hall in Japan and Walt Disney Hall in the United States. The Lotte Concert Hall’s acoustics design therefore provides the finest sound to the audience. Furthermore, the Lotte Concert Hall is equipped with architectural techniques that enable richer and subtler sound effects. A Box-in-a-box system which separates the internal structure of the auditorium from the outside has been applied and facilitated for the first time in Korea.





Waiting for You: Performance Schedule

The performances in the Lotte Concert Hall are something that you will never experience in other places, so do not miss. Especially, due to the characteristics of classical performances, the music programs are almost always held for only one day. In October, Lotte Concert Hall provides many special classical performances: Cameron Carpenter Pipe Organ Recital on October 5th, which you will be able to see the magnificence and listen to the grand harmony of the 5,000 Pipe Organs. On October 9th, there will be Hard Tango Chamber with Paquito D’Rivera where you will experience the exotic sound of classical Jazz music. Also on October 15th, William Christie & Les Arts Florissants will provide you with the best Baroque music. Other performance schedules are also available on the website of Lotte Concert Hall:



Ticketing Information & How to get there

You can reserve your tickets on online, on the phone or on site. Whichever way you choose to buy a ticket, there is no additional commission fee for making reservation. However, you have to be careful with the time frame: internet reservation available up to 2 hours before a performance, on-site reservation available 3 hours before the show time. The price for tickets are different for each performance ranging 20,000 to 200,000 Won.

So, if you made up your mind to find yourself in the amazing Lotte Concert Hall, the way to go to the place is simple. Take a subway on line no.2 to Jamsil Station from Hanyang University Station (한양대역), go to exit no.3 and get inside the Lotte World Mall. Then you will see the private elevators that will get you directly to the concert hall which is located at the 8th floor of the building.


Other Classical Auditoriums in Seoul

Other than Lotte Concert Hall, there are a few classical auditoriums in Seoul such as Seoul Arts Centre (예술의전당) and Sejong Culture Centre (세종문화회관). Seoul Arts Centre as known as SAC is Korea’s first art and culture complex located in Seocho (서초). It reaches its 25th anniversary this year. Many high-quality performances and art-exhibitions are held in SAC. In SAC, DENMARK: DESIGN, the exhibition of creative Danish design, are now available from September 10th to November 20th. Sejong Culture Centre is Seoul’s culture and arts institution located in Gwanghwa-mun (광화문). It opened in succession to Citizens’ Hall which was destructed by fire. From its opening to the 20th century, Sejong Center had been the cradle of Korean pure art. On September 29th, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra (서울시립교향악단), one of the best chambers in Korea, will perform at Sejong Centre.


Sejong Culture Centre. Source:


Article by Ahran from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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