Nami Island

Fanny Nami Island, a little treasure right next to Seoul. Mostly known by the locals, this place is the perfect day trip for you and your friends! It must be the interesting ways to get to the Island, zipline, ferry or water sports or the fact that it actually is a micronation or even it […]

Seoraksan and Nami Island: Daytrips out of Seoul on Holiday Weekend

The last week of April/the first week of May in Korea is a time full of celebrations and activity. For university students everywhere, midterms begin winding down just as two holidays drew closer for the weekend: Buddha’s Birthday (석가탄신일) and Children’s Day (어린이날). With all of this free time for many students, and the fact […]

Meet Beauty and Nature at Petite France and Nami Island!

Last week we had Chuseok holiday (추석연휴) in Korea. Because we have 5 days off, so it is a good time for us to go for a trip. We chose to go to 2 places including Petite France (쁘띠프랑스), Nami Island (남이섬) on Chuseok Day. It is an unforgettable and worthy trip. Now, please allow […]

Nami Island

Have you been wondering what to do or visit over the weekend or just in your spare time? If you are tired from the ever buzzing and busy streets of Seoul, here is my suggestion to you – Nami Island or Namisum (남이섬 in Korean). This is a small, half-moon shaped island, located in Chuncheon, […]