Lotte World? Zombie World!

Since the Train to Busan (2016) (부산행) has been a box office hit in the summer, Zombie theme seems to be sweeping the country. Zombie movies, Zombie T-shirts, Zombie dramas and 1now, Zombie Island! Halloween festival has been one of the biggest festivals to any amusement park, but Lotte World Adventure (롯데월드 어드벤쳐) has planned for something more than just a usual Halloween festival. Along with the moan of the autumn wind, Lotte World presented Halloween Festival themed as “Zombie Island” this year. This Zombie Island Festival started from September 3rd 2016 and continues until the 31st of October in the Lotte World Adventure located at Jamsil, Seoul (잠실 서울).


Lotte World and Magic Island

Lotte World, also known as Lotte World Adventure, is one of the most famous amusement places in Korea. It is located in Jamsil, Seoul Korea. The place is divided into two sectors, one is indoor Lotte Adventure and the other outdoor Magic Island. As many as 49 rides and plenty of restaurants that serve various kinds of food including Halal are placed in the whole area of Lotte World. The price for a free pass ticket is originally 46,000 Won for adults however there are a lot of promotions available for the visitors every day.

To get to the Lotte World from Hanyang University (한양대학교), the fastest way is to take a subway. Take a subway line no.2 (green line) to Jamsil Station (잠실역) and go to exit no.3. Then you will immediately find the raccoon statues welcoming you to Lotte World Adventure.

Enjoy Horror Halloween with Zombies

Lotte World Adventure presents the Zombie Island. The whole area of Magic Island of Lotte World swarms with zombies from 6 pm in the afternoon through the night. Before 6 pm, cute and friendly rather than scary ghosts appear around the Island so that young children can enjoy Halloween as well. However, from the late afternoon, there goes the Halloween Zombie party for the horror maniacs. The Zombie Island has its background story: One play director, called “Big Daddy”, has gone crazy planning for Halloween party for Lotte World, and brought Zombie virus to the Magic Island. More and more people started to get infected by the virus until the Magic Island became the Zombie Island. In the Zombie Island, Zombies with power saws, hammers, and sickles are running rampant through the streets. Some are even over 2.5 meters tall. The realistic scary faces of Zombies are all thanks to the special effect make-up team who have played an active role in several Korean movies as The Front Line (2011) (고지전) and Roaring Currents (2014) (명량).

Enjoy the Big Day Halloween!

On Sunday the 30th day of October, there will be a ‘Horror Night Party’ of Zombies. On that special day, from the night of 10:30 pm to 5:00 am in the next day, the Island will be fully filled with amazingly horrible Zombies. Many of the rides will transform into Halloween-themed rides: ‘The Blooded Boat’ where you are going to sail through the blood red river, “Demonic Pharaoh” where you are going to see the ghosts under Pharaoh’s curse, “Cursed Carousel” where horrible music will welcome you. Furthermore, the hot performance of Korean hip-hop musicians as Simon Dominique, Grey, San-E will also take place to add up the heat to the Festival.

Zombie-themed Goods and Restaurants

If you are not satisfied with just watching and taking photos with Zombies, no worries! You can also be Zombie as well. Many Zombie-themed goods are prepared for those who want to be reborn as Zombie. An axe headband or a kitchen-knife head band will present you a new Zombie-head, blooded hook will present a new Zombie-hand, and Halloween tattoo stickers make a final move to make you the perfect Zombie. Furthermore, you can enjoy Zombie-food in the restaurant. In the restaurant where you will see Zombies serving your table, an eye-pizza, a mummy sausage, and a fried finger will not only surprise your eye but your tongue, not to mention that they will fulfil your stomach.


Further Details

Tickets can be purchased either on site or online. The web page for the ticket purchase is Further details about the festival are also elaborated in the web page, and any inquires or problems can be addressed through the site. In case of reserving tickets online, the ticket is 17,000 Won, in case of on-site purchasing, 19,000 Won. Urgent inquiries are addressed through the key number, 1661-2000.


*If you are looking for other places to visit rather than Lotte World Adventure on Halloween, the site below will be great help:


Article by Ahran, a Junior in Business Administration

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