Unforgettable trip to Taiwan (Part 1)

Ever since attending Hanyang University, it was my first time to go travel abroad for sightseeing with my friend. Setting a plan for 5 days trip, it was hard for us to pick up only one country in Southeast Asia. However, considering the price of plane tickets and the general food price in that country, we finally chose Taiwan as our destination. Taiwan is known for its cheap price range of food and convenient subway system. These two features are significant for tourists having minimal travel expenses. In this respect, the number of Koreans visiting Taiwan is getting higher and higher.


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Day 1


Our plane was supposed to take off at 8:15pm, but due to an extended inspection of the plane, one hour was delayed. We were a little bit furious, because we wanted to go to one of the famous night markets for late dinner. Instead, after arriving to the hotel we already booked, we headed for a convenience store nearby. There are something that you should try out when you are in Taiwan. One of them is this bottle of Milk Tea. Actually, it is now produced in over six different flavors. Many Koreans like this taste, so this product can be seen easily in any convenience store in Korea with a little bit higher price.


Day 2


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On the second day of my trip, the whole sky was bright but the weather was very hot due to the strong sunshine. Nevertheless, we got out of the hotel after having breakfast in hotel. We headed for ‘Danshui’ station located at the end of the red line of station. ‘Danshui’ is a sea-side district in Taiwan, named after ‘Danshui River’, of which meaning is ‘fresh water’. That’s why this area of atmosphere is so unique, comparing with other places in Taiwan.

We went to the ‘Hongmao castle’ first. This architecture founded from Spain, but its ownership of this fort changed from Dutch to British. The exterior of its red bricks was so impressive and beautiful that any shots from any directions would turn out to be a good picture. And the interior of this architecture was also great to look around. It was designed with a reproduction of that times and decorated with the European style.


And then, walking along the hill for a while, we arrived to ‘Jin-Li University’. It is the university that established for the first time in Western fashion. For the education in Tawian, it was built based on Oxford University in England. The landscape around the university made me feel a sense of peacefulness due to the fountain, pond, and shrub. Due to its preciousness, the place is listed as a national historical site.

kakaotalk_20160912_151826767 kakaotalk_20160912_151829722

After taking a bus for about twenty minutes, we finally got to the ‘Danshui Fisherman’s Wharf’. Among so many attractions, here is the most memorable place for me. Although I have never been to Europe, I talked to my friend, saying ‘When I go to Europe someday, the difference of landscape between Taiwan and European countries wouldn’t be so big.’ I was totally fascinated by this sunset and river. If you have any plan to go trip to Taiwan, I definitely suggest this attraction.

kakaotalk_20160912_151820436 kakaotalk_20160912_151824114 kakaotalk_20160912_151824967 kakaotalk_20160912_151842645


Then, we came back to the subway station and headed for Shilin Night Market. It is one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan, and famous for foreigners, too. Of course, there is a must-eat list when you get there. Even, CNN introduced 40 kinds of food in Taiwan, publishing an article titled with ‘40 Taiwanese foods we can’t live without’. The picture right above is fried pork, cube steak, tropical fruit including mango, or pancake on the sequence.

The topic of this article is based on my own itinerary spending first two days in Taiwan. One more article illustrating the rest of my trip to Taiwan is coming soon!!


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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