Roles of the HUBS Students’ Association

Have you ever recognized that there is a monthly paper telling us what is going to be held during this month on the wall of the restroom? Or when you are going around on the first basement floor, did you see a room for the “HUBS Students’ Association”? For the exact name, it is called as “Sympathy : Feeling the same thing”. According to the HUBS website, they understand itself as the spokesman for all students at HUBS. They want to improve the quality of student life by voicing out the student’s view on current topics under discussion at HUBS. Thus, they are always open to HUBS students for expressing their thoughts and opinions.




night food


They have been preparing and working for various kinds of work to make a better place. First of all, they give some late-night snacks to support us to attain a good grades on our exams (mid-term and finals). It takes place at around 8pm for 4 consecutive days on the week of exams. The food is usually comprised of a toast or a burger with a can of coke. It can be sometimes changed, of course. Oops! Keep in mind that it is first-come, first-served! When you get to the designated place to get it on time, you will be surprised at how long the line it is to get a free-food. (Refer to the second picture above) You had better wait at least 30 mins before the appointed time.

롤 챔피언 피파

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Second, they hold various events, or mentoring every month. You can easily figure out by skimming through the paper posted on the door of the students association or getting into its Facebook. Especially, this month, May, they have prepared so diverse things for us. On May 13th, Champion battle of “League of Legends” and “FIFA” is going to be open. The way to register is through stopping by the room for students association located first basement floor. It is right close to the elevators in the middle of the building, so you won’t miss it. It is available only for HUBS students and the former game will be progressed with five person forming a team. Don’t forget that there are extraordinary prizes for 3 winner teams! If you are so into the either game, take part in with your friends and have fun.


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Thirds, they can lend us some textbook just in case when you forget to bring one or some of them. Borrowed textbooks are usable only for 3 hours and not all textbooks can be available to borrow. That is, they don’t have all textbooks required for major classes. They also lend umbrellas and exercise equipment. Basket/soccer ball, badminton/tennis racket belong to sports equipment. Furthermore, you can drop by there to use tape, scissors, rulers, or glues. However, you should turn in your ID card instead. You can return it back when you give back the things that you’ve borrowed.


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The fourth role of students association is the feature that I usually use a lot. It is about receiving packages or boxes instead of you. To be specific, you can order any items on condition that you are supposed to get it from the room of students association. It can be advantages when you place an order of heavy textbooks or a present for a friend. They can keep any heavy luggage or burden in safe as well. However, paying items on delivery is not recommendable for students. Plus, The address of the room is “B106 room, Business school, Hanyang Univ., Haengdang 1-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea”, or “서울특별시 성동구 행당동 한양대학교 경영관 B106호”.


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Lastly, they possess lots of medicine to help you out to lessen any sudden bad symptoms. Accidents like spraining your ankle during workout or catching a cold can happen without realizing it. So they equip themselves with cold medication, pain relief patch, headache pill and bandages.

These roles of students association are to give a helping hand to business school students. So feel free to walk in, and ask for what you are in need. Other than those points, they are striving to give us many more benefits by considering a lot of aspects and perspectives. Hope their service develop more and more in the coming future.


Article by SooJung, a Junior in Business Administration

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