Nightlife in Seoul: Gangnam

Many people are familiar with the song “Gangnam Style” by PSY that became popular in 2012. Well, this song was written in dedication to one of the best places to spend weekend nights partying in Seoul. I highly recommend the following clubs if you are interested in a large venue with loud and electronic music. The Korean nightlife culture is a huge aspect of Seoul and it does not go unnoticed by foreigners from all over the world. The clubs and bars usually stay open past 6am, so it is very easy to leave the club after sunset without ever noticing. The Korean partiers focus a lot more on dancing and having a long social night out than binge drinking and heading home by 2am. The long-night culture is something that takes a while to adjust to, specially when you have to be prepared for doing it multiple nights in a row.


Club Answer

Answer was the first club I visited in Seoul, and though I previously knew that CNN Travel ranked it in the Top 5 Nightclubs of Seoul, it still blew my expectations out of the water. The main stage has a large dance floor directly in front of it and two large staircases leading up to a second floor that also has a great view of the stage. People were packed onto the dance floor, flooding the staircases, and piled onto the second floor where they have VIP tables for buying bottles. Additionally, Answer has a 3rd floor where you will find private rooms, designated for getting away from the extremely loud music. The DJs play high-energy electronic music and there are neon lights and fog coming from the DJ booth the whole night. This is one of the best-known clubs in Gangnam so there are many foreigners there as well as many local Koreans. The entrance fee is usually 30,000 Won on the weekends but if you have a group that can get in contact with a promoter or they have a special event going on, you are able to get in for free. This is also a Club infamous for celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, coming to visit or perform on occasion.


Source: Club Answer

club ANSWER3

Source: Club Answer


Octagon is a very expensive club as far as drinks go, but you are also able to get in for 10,000 Won before midnight, 30,000 Won after midnight, or for free with the help of a promoter’s list spot. This club has a total of 60 VIP booths, where you can purchase bottles and food platters, and 10 quiet, private rooms. The two most popular nights are Friday and Saturday, and both of these nights you will find Octagon packed with locals and foreigners. When I visited this club, the promoters passed around large foam glow up sticks and glow in the dark necklaces/bracelets, so the whole dance floor was lit up with moving neon bodies. The DJ mainly plays electronic music but there were a few popular, old hip-hop songs that I heard as well. This club can hold roughly 3,000 people and there is even a small swimming pool located inside. The VIP atmosphere is much different than anything I’m used to because it contains formal seating and the food platters are high quality cooked by a chef.


Source: Octagon


Source: Octagon



Ellui is considered to be one of the largest clubs in all of Asia. It has 100 VIP tables, 10 private rooms, and 3 different sections dividing the atmosphere. The main zone is located near the DJ stage and consists of a large dance floor for people dancing to the loud, electronic music. Second, there is a smaller mirror zone where all the VIP tables are located. Finally, there is the sky zone, which is designated for hip-hop music, for those who would like to get away from all the electronic music that Gangnam offers. The club has an entrance fee of 35,000 Won on the weekends, making it also one of the most expensive clubs in Gangnam. When I visited this club, I was on a promoters list so I was able to enter for free, however, unlike almost every other club in Seoul, Ellui now does not allow you to exit before 2 am if you plan to re-enter. This is because it is very popular for people to get banded at clubs then exit to drink for very cheap at a GS-25 or CU convenience store. Ellui makes it so if you are going to enter their club for free, you will need to stay inside and order drinks rather than not buying anything and drinking on the side of the road instead.


Source: Ellui


Source: Ellui


Article by Rachel from the U.S.A.

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