Laptops for University Students!

For university students, a laptop is essential part of your campus life. And when we talk about campus life, we do not just mean school work. It also includes some extra-curricular activities, such as writing e-mails, posting photos, watching movies, social networking, and so on. A laptop is not a cheap product so when people try to buy one, they are concerned what to buy. There are a lot of companies which offer fine products with cheap price, but as foreign students will go back to their countries one day, so after service and warranty in their countries are really important. Today, I am going to suggest some laptops to foreign students who need a laptop for campus life.


Keep it light.

A laptop with big screen has many good points. You can see the display easier than a small one, and the price is cheaper than another laptop, which is almost same except the size of the display. But laptop with a big screen will be a real chore to haul across campus while you are running from class to class. So I suggest to you something light: A maximum 13~14 inch widescreen is ideal, as it will make room for other items in your backpack and minimize the weight burden. But if you don’t mind, 15 inch laptop will be fine. A smaller display will give you less productivity and fonts will appear smaller than those on larger screens.

What work will you do?

Depending on your budget, laptops offer wide selection of processors. For instance, you can choose one which maximizes performance or one that favors battery life. You can choose either AMD or Intel CPUs, but I recommend CPUs from the Intel Core i Series which have the benefits of both power and battery efficiency. If you are planning to use the laptop as writing essay, watching movie, or surfing the internet, Intel Core i3 will be enough. But if you want to use programs which require higher processor, i5 or i7 can be a choice.


So what is the best laptop to get for school? There are a lot of options that you can choose. But in this post, I will handle only some products which apply world warranty. As Korean companies, LG Electronic applies world warranty in Germany, Spain, Canada, Australia, China, India, Singapore, USA, Brazil, and Hong Kong for 1 year. Also Samsung Electronic also applies world warranty in 76 countries for 1 year, which are almost all countries in the world.

1. LG Gram (13z950, 14z960, 15z960)

LG Gram series are the most famous laptop in Korea. Like its name, it weighs only 980 grams, so it is really light. So a lot of university students choose this one as their laptop. There are 3 sizes, 13, 14, 15 inch, and all the sizes are weigh same as 980 grams, so you do not have to worry about the weight. The processor that you can choose is Pentium, and Intel Core i Series. If you do not use any heavy programs Pentium processor is not bad, but if you are planning to use it at least some years, I recommend to you to choose Intel Core i Series. LG Gram 14 inch with Intel Core i3 processor costs about 1,114,920 in online market.


2. Samsung Notebook 9

As LG Gram series was literally a sensation in the Laptop market, Samsung Electronic also released a light laptop which called Notebook9. It weighs only 840 grams, and there are many processors that it provides like LG Gram Series. Its size is 13.3 inch and the product with Intel Core i3 costs about 1,274,000 in online market, which is a little more expensive than LG Gram.


3. HP Envy 13

HP provides good product with little more cheap price than other big laptop companies. HP Evny 13 also provides many processors like Samsung or LG Electronics. HP Envy 13-D036TU has good spec with good price. Its CPU is i5, and it costs under 1,000,000 won in online market.




Source: Danawa

There are so many good laptops that you can choose. If you go to the website called ‘Danawa’, you can pick some options that you want. It only provides in Korean, so you if you want to use this website, you may need some help.


Article by Junhyung from Korea, a Freshman in Business Administration

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