The City of Bamboo, Dam-yang

I will introduce a city well known for Bamboo, Dam-yang (담양). Dam-yang is located to the south of Seoul, Jeollanam-do (전라남도). I think there is only one way to get Dam-yang from Seoul directly. Because Dam-yang does not have train station and it is not so big city, there are not so many ways. Go to the Central City terminal (센트럴터미널), then you can take a bus to Dam-yang. As I said, there are only 4 buses a day.

Then, I will tell you indirect way. Dam-yang is near Gwang-ju (광주). Gwangju metropolitan city which is near Jeollanamdo, not Gwang-ju in Gyeong-gi-do Province (경기도 광주시). Gwang-ju is a big city, so there are many ways to go Gwang-ju from Seoul, with train and buses. Maybe you can find buses in any bus terminals in Seoul. In addition, Gwang-ju has train stationIf you go Gwang-ju train station, go to behind the station. Find bus number 311. It is most convenient way. . If you go Gwang-ju bus terminal, in front of the terminal, you can find bus number 311. Bus runs one bus per 15 minutes.


1. Jungnogwon Bamboo Garden (죽녹원)

There is a big garden with bamboo. I recommend this forest in summer. I went there in summer, and it was so cool. However it is forest. There were many mosquitos. Therefore when you go to the Jungnogwon Bamboo Garden in summer, it will be better to wear long shirts and long trousers. In addition it is so big, so wearing convenient shoes will help you to enjoy the forest. Near at back gate there are many Han-ok. They reproduced Jeon-ja, a place for rest, writing a poet or any other taste for the arts, of the past. In addition, you can stay in Han-ok, Korean traditional house. If you want to stay a day at Han-ok in Jungnogwon, reserve on Internet in advance. There is entrance fee. It is 3,000 won for adult.


Source: Naver blog

2. Metasequoia Road

There is a long Metasequoia road. Its length is 8.5 km. This road is one of the most beautiful roads in Korea. It is well known to Korean because it was seen in a movie and TV program. For the reason, it could be jam-packed with tourists. However, it is so long you can take a rest. Because metasequoia is not evergreen tree, this road differ from season to season. It is green from spring to summer, and it turns red in autumn, and it has only branches without leaves in winter. I think it is pretty when it is green. Also, every season is good road to see. There is entrance fee. It is 2,000 won for adult.


Source: Korea Tourism Association

3. Food

The most famous food in Dam-yang is Tteok-galbi (떡갈비) and rice with a bamboo tube (대나무통밥). In englsih tteok-galbi is grilled short rib patties. As this word means it is like a patties, made of meat of short rib. Debone the short ribs and mince the meats. Grill the meats and cover bone with the meats. It is very soft patties. Rice with a bamboo tube has no English words that means it. It is made by putting rice in the bamboo tube and cooking it. It has rice, jujube, chestnut and any other nutritious things.


Source: Naver blog

Bamboo rice

Source: Korea Tourism Association

Article by Hyosik from Korea

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