Watersports in Cheongpyeong!

Do you enjoy watersports? Are you looking to try something new? Or seeking some kind of thrill? Is it summertime and are you looking to chill?

Then you might want to check out watersports in Cheongpyeong. Open from March to October annually, there is so much to do by the lake, and aligned in the background are mountains. You can get on a jet ski, wakeboard, and waterski, and ride a banana boat, peanut boat, and fly-fish.

As usual, I recommend going in a group, minimum of 4 or more. I guarantee you’ll be able to save more money and get the most out of the experience. But if you are hanging out on the lake by yourself, that’s also cool. However, I went with a group of 11 people, so we ended up splitting most of the cost of the water activities.

Photo Oct 11, 2 18 47 AM Photo Sep 29, 2 04 28 PM

The name of the company is Club Chungho.

Tel: +82-31-584-0559/ +82-17-221-0558

Address: Hoegok-ri 741-12, Seorak-myeon, Gapyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do

To get to Club Chungho, you have the option of going by train or bus. The company offers a free pick-up service and it is available upon request when you make a reservation. Pick-ups are usually at Gapyeong Station.

There are standard prices but the payment can vary depending on the number of people in each activity and the company offers some packages. The company also provides a blob for free. I created a table listing the prices of each activity and packages.


Single Activity
Peanut boat


30,000 Won per ride


Banana boat


40,000 Won per ride

Max 7 people

Fly fish


20,000 Won/ person


Wakeboard, water ski


15,000 Won one-time ride


Jet ski


50,000 Won for 10 mins

200,000 Won for 60 mins


Fly fish + Peanut boat + Banana boat Package



45,000 Won

Beginner training (water ski, wakeboard) + Fly fish + Banana boat



90,000 Won

Jet ski + Fly fish + Banana boat Package 80,000 Won


I not only lounged at the lake, I drove a Jet ski for literally 5 minutes, rode a banana boat, and sailed on a fly fish twice for an aggregate of 60,000 won. I call that a good deal. With that said, if you do end up in Club Chungho, I recommend that you try getting on a fly fish and banana boat. They are both intense. You can literally feel yourself flying in the air when you are on a fly fish. Also it is possible to have the cost for a fly fish split into two, if you have a partner. With the banana boat, there is so much rush that comes with making decisions within a split second. And yes, you will be flipped into the lake at the end of the ride, so consider yourself warned. Since the Jet Ski is on a per hour basis, there’s also a chance that you can share the hour with a few people, as desired.

Photo Sep 29, 2 58 00 PM Photo Sep 29, 3 08 20 PM Photo Sep 29, 3 12 33 PM

Club Chungho has a dining menu. You can have lunch or dinner for the prices below.

Dining Menu
Broiled eels & rice (2 persons) 45,000 Won
Dakdoritang (Braised chicken) 2~4 persons 35,000 Won
Barbeque set (Pork + sausage + vegetables)   2 persons 35,000 Won


Or, the other alternative is to bring your own lunch, candy, snacks, and drinks of choice with you. There is a convenient store by the bus terminal so get whatever you need before the free pick-up service arrives. Like with all things, have fun responsibly!


Article by Esther by the U.S.


  1. Just stumbled on your blog and loving your photos! Love Korea – Can’t wait to see more :) I just started up my travel blog! Hope you’ll check it out too :)


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