Travelling to Osaka: How to get there (part 1)

A Japanese friend of mine got married this weekend, so I took a 5 days 4 nights trip to Osaka! Here are some tips if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Osaka!


Booking the Flight

Several different airlines offer flights to Osaka, including Japan Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines and United Airlines. An important thing to keep in mind is travelling during Japan’s high season. Typically during the month of April, Japanese cherry blossoms begin to bloom and tourists flock to see the floral beauty. During this month, airfare prices will increase, so don’t be surprised if a plane ticket costs

₩50,000 to ₩100,000 more than usual!

Getting to the Airport

The easiest way to get to Incheon airport is by taking the airport bus. Of course, you can always take a taxi (it may be on the costlier side) or the subway (troublesome if you have a big luggage), but in my opinion the airport bus is the most convenient method. Airport bus #6010 picks you up in Wangsimni and takes you to Incheon airport. To get to the airport bus stop, take exit #12 from Wangsimni station, go down the escalators, cross the street, and the bus stop will be about 100m ahead. The bus ride takes approximately an hour and a half, and the bus fare is

₩15,000. To see what times bus #6010 arrives to Wangsimni, check the link below:

2 3

Osaka Kansai Airport Bus

Kansai airport also has airport bus services similar to the Incheon airport buses. If you know the area you will be staying in, you can search the link below and see if an airport bus will take you there, as well for bus fare information.


Unlike Korea, Japan is a country with little to no free wifi hotspots, which can make life very difficult! To make your life easier, you can rent a wifi router (similar to Korea’s wifi eggs) at several booths inside the airport. Renting a wifi router will cost you around ₩9,000 a day.

You may also see a booth inside the airport advertising free wifi for foreigners. There is an app for your mobile phone called “Travel Japan” that offers foreigners up to 2 weeks of free wifi at certain tourist locations such as subway stops. However, I found that there were still very few spots that offered wifi access, so if you want consistent wifi, I would recommend renting a wifi router.

Osaka Transportation


The Osaka subway system, though not as advanced as Korea’s, is still very convenient. They have several different subway and tram lines, which makes it very easy to reach different tourist destinations. As well, all subway stations have English on their signs, the displays inside the train show English, and the announcements are also made in English. Subway tickets can be purchased from ticket machines at every station, and most machines have an English button. You can buy one-way tickets (usually around ₩2,400) or a card preloaded with ₩10,000. There are also one-day passes available for purchase. From Monday to Friday, a one day pass costs ₩8,000 and on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, it costs ₩6,000.



If you are sensitive to cigarette smoke, be sure to confirm with your hotel that your room is smoke-free. Many Japanese people smoke in hotel rooms and the smell of the smoke can be really strong. For those who want a traditional Japanese sleeping experience, try booking a traditional Japanese hotel room where you sleep on a tatami mat. If that’s too far out of your comfort zone, you can try a “fusion” style Japanese room like the one pictured below. You still have a regular bed to sleep on, but the room will also have elements of a traditional Japanese room.



Article by Kristi from Canada


  1. Thanks for the guide. Osaka looks really interesting!

  2. nice write up. Can’t wait to go to Osaka/Kyoto.


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