The Best Korean Dramas: Part I

Do you enjoy watching dramas in bed when you are free? I really do, so today I will write about the best Korean dramas I have ever watched. They are based on my own experience and personal taste. If you know other interesting dramas (including those of other countries) you’ve watched before, I want you guys to leave comments below. :-)

I picked out 10 Korean dramas among outstanding candidates and separated them roughly into two categories: romantic comedy, romance genre and fantasy, time slip genre. Romantic Comedy/Romance genre:

“Coffee Prince”

2007, MBC / Gong Yoo, Yoon Eunhae, Lee Sunkyun, Chae Jeong-an

Café ‘Coffee Prince’ is a café where only pin-up boys (so called ‘Kkotminam’) can work. The heroine Go Eunchan who supports her family dresses up like a man and gets a job there to earn a living. The boss of ‘Coffee Prince’, Choi Hangyeol knows Eunchan as a boy, but he finds himself gradually falling in love with her. ‘Coffee Prince’ was a big hit in the summer of 2007. It has been already 7 years since it was aired, but it still comes to my mind every summer. The contents, directing, acting, props, and music inside it are so refined that it is not outdated or countrified even in 2014. I’m sure that it will make your heart pit-a-pat.

Coffee Prince

Coffee Prince

“Worlds Within”

2008, KBS2 / Hyeon Bin, Song Hyekyo

It is a story in a broadcasting station, especially in a drama department. It focused not only on the romantic love story between two drama producers, but also on real drama production environment. I remember it as the most sophisticated and realistic drama ever. That’s because it deals with some episodes about the relationship between producers, actors, and writers. In addition, Hyeon Bin and Song Hyekyo showed a strong chemistry in the drama and they became a real couple.

Worlds Within

Worlds Within


2010, MBC / Lee Sunkyun, Gong Hyojin

It’s a love story between chef and assistant cook in the kitchen of a fancy Italian restaurant. Lee Sunkyun played a prickly chef well and Gong Hyojin acted such a lovely assistant. Delicate direction of producer Kwon Seokjang was impressive. Witty lines and sweet love scenes will make you sleepless. Delicious pasta and steak scenes are lagniappes for those who watch this drama.



“I Need Romance 2012”

2012, tvN / Lee Jinwook, Jung Yumi

‘I Need Romance’ series (1~3) features the work and love of women in their thirties. It reflects realistic work fields of Korean carrier women and unrealistic fantasies about romance at the same time. Among the three dramas, ‘I Need Romance 2012’ is the 2nd series and I love it best. Lee Jinwook and Jung Yumi looked so good as a couple, and it had high completeness. Plus, it made me cry watching the last episode.

I Need Romance

I Need Romance

“Reply 1997”

2012, tvN / Seo Ingook, Jung Eunji + 2013, tvN / Jung Woo, Go Ara

‘Reply’ series shows the episodes of the main characters who were high school students or freshmen in 1997, and 1994 each. Both in two series, the story begins with 6 friends gathering together in 2012 (2013) and looking back on the past. Then the scene shifts to 1997 and 1994 when they were young. Each episode deals with their love, friendship, and everyday lives, while the whole episodes focus on finding Siwon and Najung (the heroines) ‘s husbands among their group of 6 friends. You may find it interesting to guess who will be the heroine’s husband. Besides, the backgrounds of these dramas are in 1990s so everything including props and fashion of actors is retro style. It gives nostalgic moods to the people in their thirties and forties. Younger generations can also empathize with the story because it deals with the school life (although it is based on the nineties). Plus, Korean dialect in these dramas will make double charm.

Reply 1997

Reply 1997

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