Exploring the Campus: Southern Part

Hello everyone, today I would like to make you all familiar with the campus of Hanyang University. As most students take classes just in a single college, they often do not know about the other buildings at campus. However, it can be helpful to know the entire campus and its shortcuts! Today, I am introducing you to the southern part of the campus.


This is the center of the Hanyang University main entrance where there is a lion statue in the front of the Administration Building. Hanyang Plaza and Aejeemun Station are located close to the place. And, there is a shortcut next to the Administration Building which leads straight to the upper parts of Hanyang University (e.g. Central Library and Humanities Building).


Next, if you walk past the Hanyang Plaza (left side), you will see long stairways which lead either to the College of Humanities (left stairways near the ATMs) or to the College of Social Sciences (right stairways behind the post office). Located between those stairways you can find the University’s Book Store where you can buy all textbooks for your classes at a cheap price. There is also a Book Café for hanging out while having a cup of coffee.



After walking up the right stairways you will immediately see the entrance of the College of Social Sciences on the left side. Then, if you walk another 50 meters straight, you will face Engineering Building 1 right in front of you. Turn left and walk up the hill. After 50 meters you will see the Central Library on your right side, a huge six-floor building at the peak of the campus area.


The buildings on the left side are the College of Education and the Graduate School of Public Policy. Though there are not many classes inside this building, there is an awesome shortcut inside the latter building for those who do not want to climb all these tiring stairs.
As the building is connected to the College of Social Sciences building, you can simply enter there and use the elevator inside. Thereby, you do not have to walk up the pretty steep hill outside.


The College of Education can be furthermore reached via a stairway at the backside of the building, which also passes the College of Natural Sciences. So, if you are coming from Wangsimni Station, you can take that stairway which is located near Hanyang University Hospital and directly leads up to both colleges.


So, it is quite simple to go around the campus once you know the route. Though you may not have to go to every building for your classes, it is better for you to know which building is what. I hope you all do not get lost on campus after reading the article.

By Yoon (“Peter”)


  1. Hur Yoon says:

    What a nice article!! I can now know clearly which route to use!

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