HUBS Internship Program: A Brief Report (Florian)

Florian Buttman Intern at Dong-Wha Pharmaceuticals

Florian Buttman
Intern at Dong-Wha Pharmaceuticals

During class we have been informed about the internship program at HUBS. My professor, Renee Kim, talked about a current internship opportunity at Dong-Wha Pharm Co. Ltd, a well-known international albeit traditional Korean Pharmaceutical company. I didn’t hesitate and immediately applied for the internship.

As an exchange student at Hanyang University this program seemed to be an extraordinary chance to get to know Korean business culture and to gain some international work experience. Soon, Dong-Wha invited me and three other international exchange students from Hanyang University for a job-interview. A few days later I was informed that I got accepted.

I started working on 17th November. I joined the Ethical Marketing department for which I conducted a Global market analysis. From the first day on I enjoyed being part of the “Dong-Wha family”. Even the company’s owner himself invited all international interns to join him and other executives for a walk to Namsan, which turned out to be a very nice experience for all attendees.

I would like to thank my professor, the office of international relations and accreditation at HUBS, my supervisor at Dong-Wha, Mr. Jeonghan Kim, and all the other employees of Dong-Wha for giving me the great opportunity to do this internship. I learned a lot and spent an unforgettable month at Dong-Wha.

Florian Buttmann
Exchange Student (WS 2013) from the University of Bamberg, Germany

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