A Short Walk Around City Hall!

  I don’t know about you but I really enjoy walking around, seeing people and places especially in a big city abroad. Today I am going to present you one nice route to take in Seoul to both enjoy the walk and see a part of the city. During this walk you will be able […]

Enjoy the Night View in Seoul!

If you ask me to describe Seoul with one word, I must use the night culture. There are many charming places in Seoul that you can enjoy them at night with your friends or lovers, such as the Namsan Tower (서울 N 타워, 남산타워) and Itaewon (이태원). But what I introduce to you today is […]

Seoul Metropolitan Library

While a library sounds like the last place you’d go to enjoy Korean culture, the Seoul Metropolitan Library (서울도서관) has much more to offer than Korean books. For example, before being repurposed as a library, the building served as Seoul’s city hall. Parts of the old offices are still preserved on the 2nd floor and […]

Palaces in SEOUL (Part 3)

This time I am going to continue introducing you to the “Five Grand Palaces of Seoul.” One of the most unusual places that you can visit in Seoul that is meant to represent Korean traditions and culture is the Deoksugung Palace (덕수궁). It is can be easily distinguished from the other four palaces because of […]

The Colours of Kimchi

Photos by Mirela from Bulgaria