[End of Term] Fall 2016 myHUBS Reporters

Hey I’m back! Which means that the term for this fall’s myHUBS reporters have finally come to an end and it’s time for us to let them go. Please give them an applause for contributing to the articles that they wrote for the past four months! As mentioned every semester, it was probably the most difficult semester by far, since well, you know why. Although they did come up with 69 new topics for 69 articles, coming up with a topic to write about isn’t easy when you already have 361 articles written. Still, my only hope is that their contribution will pay off eventually sooner or later to HUBS and future Hanyang University inbound exchange students and foreign students.


ALTHOUGH we might see a transition and change of the team members and the team next semester,

I hope Ahran, Jessica, Malek, Pavel, Sangeun, and SooJung all lead a great life and wish you luck on your remaining school life.

kakaotalk_20161219_232537713 kakaotalk_20161219_232538560


Thanks alot guys once again and Happy New Year to you all!

And of course, Happy New Year to our lovely and handsome readers out there!

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