X-Mas Presents for Your Loved Ones (part 2)

Christmas is even closer now and here is the promised second post on shopping that needs to be done in Korea. This time we’ll recommend you presents for men and some small quirky items you could take back home.

We all know that presents for men are the hardest to choose, or at least that’s our perspective. What we have prepared for you can all be found in Insadong (인사동).

  • You may have heard that Koreas adore their items decorated with mother-of-pearl. You can find some very pretty pens for around $5 but they also offer better quality ones which would cost you $20. Depending on the receiver, you can also choose a similar box with a pen holder, or business card case.


  • There is another more expensive suggestion for you – pure silk ties. They are simply the best accessory for the working man and there are so many different patterns that you can find the right match for your special guy. The prices vary but if you try to negotiate you may get a very reasonable discount. Don’t forget to bring cash for shopping in Insadong. As we mentioned before, it is a bit cheaper when you pay this way.


Have you promised your family and friends to bring something weird from Korea? We definitely had and you can find all our recommendations in any big supermarket (Emart, Lotte Mart, etc.)

  • First on the list is Soju. You can get different size bottles of the drink with a ginseng root inside. They look very intriguing and they are cheap. A small bottle (100ml) costs a bit more than a dollar and a big one (375ml) around $7.



  • We’ve all seen the silkworm pupa on the streets. Some of you have tried it for sure. However, you can find tins that cost less than a dollar. This would definitely provoke some emotions back home so think about it.



  • For the sweet lovers, we can offer red ginseng candies. Typically Korean, this confectionery is sold in packets of 500g for $3 and can be a treat for the entire family.



  • The last suggestion is dried seafood. Korea offers a wide variation of dried fish/squid/prawns that naturally doesn’t suit everyone’s taste. We should probably mention that the last section of quirky presents is not recommended because of its wonderful taste but simply because of the surprise element that you will bring back home.


Anyway folks, this is my last post, I’m going home in a week. I hoped you enjoyed our blog and that you had an amazing time in Korea. I wish you all beautiful holidays and don’t forget to stay warm and drink wine.


Article by Mirela from Bulgaria

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