Korean Chicken Recommendation

Sources: 피자나라 치킨공주, 김진옥 요리가 좋다, 달인의 찜닭 대곡점

If there is one animal that Koreans love, it must be chicken. Koreans eat chicken in all kinds of ways. There is spicy 닭도리탕 (Dak-Do-Ri-Tang, middle picture), and delicious 찜닭 (Jjim-Dak, Right picture). However, the most beloved type of chicken must be the Fried Chicken. You can’t say that you have been in Korea without tasting Korea’s Fried Chicken. Today, I will tell you about the main types of Fried Chicken and the special menus of each brand.


The Main Types of Fried Chicken

Sources: 피자나라 치킨공주, 페리카나, 못말리는 파닭

There are four main types of fried chicken in Korea. They are Original(프라이드치킨), Hot and Sweet Sauce(양념치킨), SoySauce(간장치킨), and Green Onion (파닭). The Chicken at the top left is the Original Fried Chicken. Korean Fried Chicken is especially good because it is very crisp. On the top right is Hot and Sweet Sauce Chicken. It is actually called 양념치킨(Yang-Nyum-Chi-Ken). 치킨(Chi-Ken) means chicken, and 양념(Yang-Nyum) actually just means sauce. It tastes a little sweet and spicy. The chicken on the bottom left is Soy Sauce (간장치킨, Gan-Jang-Chi-Ken). 간장(Gan-Jang) means Soy Sauce. You might think that Soy Sauce Chicken will be weird, but it isn’t just plain Soy Sauce. It is a little dissolved in water, and also it is sweeter. It is one of my personal favorites! The bottom right chicken is Green Onion Chicken (파닭, Pa-Dak). 파(Pa) means Green Onion. Eating chicken with green onion is a different experience. Now I Have briefly told you about the four main types of chicken. Now let me tell you some special menus.


Special Menus of Chicken

Source: 네네치킨

The first brand of chicken I want to tell you is 네네치킨(Nene Chicken). The Nene Snowing Chicken (스노잉치킨) is famous. It is chicken with ‘snow powder’ on it, which is just cheese powder. If you are a cheese lover, you can try Nene Chicken’s snowing. It is the chicken on the left. The chicken in the center is Nene’s ‘Hot Bling’ Chicken. As you can see from the name of the chicken, it is a spicy chicken. The last chicken on the far right is Creamion (크리미언), which is a cross of creamy and onion. They say that it has a creamy and slightly yogurt flavored sauce with onions and chicken.

Source: BHC

There are two main special types of chicken at BHC. They are the 뿌링클(Bbu-Ring-Cul) and the 맛초킹(Mat-Cho-King). 뿌링클(Bbu-Ring-Cul) chicken is a chicken that has cheese powder on the outsides, and gives you a yogurt flavored sauce to dip your chicken in. 맛초킹(Mat-Cho-King) is a Soy Sauce and honey based chicken that is a little spicy too.

Source: 교촌치킨

교촌치킨 (KyoChon Chicken) is originally famous because the taste of original chicken here is unique. It is closer to a Soy Sauce Chicken. However, it is not only the original chicken that are famous. The KyoChon’s Honey Combo is a sweet and salty chicken (left) and the KyoChon Red (right) is a spicy chicken with peppers in it.

Source: 오빠닭

Last is 오빠닭(Oh-Bba-Dak). It is not an fried chicken, but it is one of the delicious chickens here in Korea. It is an oven baked chicken. Oh-Bba-Dak stands for Oven ah Bba-Jin Dak(오븐에 빠진 닭), which means a chicken that fell in the oven. The Crispy Bake (picture above) is its most original menu, but is favored because it is not as greasy as fried chicken.

There are many more chicken in Korea than the ones I introduced to you. Even the original and main types of chicken vary a little by brand. Try some chicken, and find the best chicken for your taste too.


Article by Hee-sun from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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