New Bloggers for 2023 Winter Semester

Hello everyone! I am Min Gi Woo, I am Mingi Woo currently a sophomore and will be moving up as a Junior next year. This is my first In-School activity after I finished my mandatory military service in the Summer. I am still adjusting to the outside world, which makes me nervous but also excited to participate in this activity.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I am an introvert but love a good challenge. That is why during the summertime after I was done with my military service, I had the opportunity to travel Europe. I was glad to experience the diverse culture and meet new people. In turn, I would like to tell you a little bit about Korea!

Since the COVID-19 lockdown periods during 2019~2021, traveling was limited. However, previously canceled activities are slowly being reopened to the public after a long 3 years. It’s the new Year coming up I will love to introduce you guys to some places to visit in Korea during your stay!

Additionally, since we are a business school, I would like to talk about some trending news related to Korean businesses and some information about the Korean stock market. Since the New York stock market is different from Korea, I would like to give you guys some basic ideas about what it is like to trade here in Korea.

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