If you want a quiet but hip place in Sinchon & Hongdae.


  Sinchon and Hongdae, the two most popular areas in Seoul, are always crowded with people. For those like me who don’t like crowded streets, in front of Sinchon U-PLEX or Hongik University Station Exit 9 is quite difficult. Then why not take a little step back and look for the spaces between Sinchon Station and Hongik University Station? I recommend this place to people who want to go to a hip place but are afraid of crowds. Here are three cafes and restaurants between Sinchon and Hongdae that have great taste and atmosphere.

1) Moritzplatz: If you are looking for a bright, spacious, yet hip cafe

Image Source: Twitter

  Moritzplatz is a cafe with many advantages. Vintage furniture and various lifestyle products are spread out, and the area is large, so you can stay comfortably. Also, parking is available. It’s close to the subway station and the seats are comfortable, so it’s easy to work on a laptop or have a small meeting. Moritzplatz has a great open feeling thanks to its large windows and high ceilings that get plenty of sunlight. There are also various posters, art books, fragrances, vintage tableware, and other products, so you can enjoy exploring every nook and cranny of the store. Coffee and desserts focus on keeping the basics. This cafe offers delicious basic menus such as espresso and americano rather than fancy signature drinks. For dessert, the menu is mainly composed of non-stimulating things that go well with coffee or tea.


2) NEEDS BURGER: If you want to enjoy delicious homemade burgers in a casual atmosphere

Image Source: Biscuitsound

  NEEDS BURGER aims for a casual neighborhood burger restaurant. It is said that the motto of this restaurant is to make you feel like you want to visit again when you leave the door after staying comfortably at any time. In fact, regardless of the atmosphere or service, taste is the basic thing in a restaurant. You don’t have to worry about that part at all. This is because the fresh patties they make every morning are the basis for everything from classic burgers to unique burgers. The attention to detail in the store is also good. The burgers are cut from the moment they come out, so it’s easy to eat, and there’s a sink in one side of the space where you can wash your hands. Delicate consideration stands out in a time of uncertainty due to COVID-19.


3) SuSuPat: If you need a healthy and wholesome meal

Image Source: Mangoplate

  A cute little shop that catches the eye, SuSuPat is a vegetarian restaurant run by a brother and sister. Vegetarian “support” restaurant means a restaurant where you can enjoy both vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegan. Here, you can enjoy healthy food menus using fresh ingredients such as bean sauce rice, basil hamburg rice, and oriental salmon pasta. The interior of the store is decorated in a small and friendly atmosphere. It looks like it would be good to eat while sitting by the wall and looking out the quiet alleyway through the window.


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