Efficacy of Popular Traditional Ingredients

Yugyeong Jeong

Beyond the trend of sweet and salty foods (childish palate) and spicy foods, ‘The palate of Grandmother’ called ‘Halmae Ipmat’ is in these days. People with this appetite mainly seek foods that use traditional ingredients that give off a savory taste. Ingredients such as black sesame, mugwort, and red bean may feel old, but they were accepted as new, which were difficult to see in the past, and became popular through word of mouth.

The reason why ‘Halmae Ipmat’ has attracted attention is that interest in health has recently increased and foods that are not hot and spicy have been preferred. It also has the advantage that younger generations can accept and share ingredients containing memories of their parents’ generation.

This trend was especially reflected in desserts. Franchise cafes that regularly release new menus that reflect consumers’ tastes are now selling beverages and bread using black sesame, mugwort, and red bean as ingredients. Convenience stores are also competitively releasing new products such as ice cream and snacks. Then let’s see what the efficacy of these traditional ingredients is.

1. Black sesame

Black sesame was favored as food for health or longevity. Unlike other sesame seeds, black sesame seeds contain anthocyanin pigments, so they act as antioxidants, and are effective foods for restoring vision and treating diabetes. It also contains tryptophan, an essential amino acid, and keratin, a protein, which helps strengthen hair and prevent hair loss. Black sesame is also known to have anti-cancer effects, with its ability to inhibit skin cancer by 60%, gastrointestinal cancer by 85%, and lung cancer by 75%.

2. Mugwort

Mugwort is one of the three major plants that prevent adult diseases, along with garlic and carrot. It cleans blood and contains a lot of fiber, which helps to improve high blood pressure. It removes cholesterol and lowers blood pressure by removing waste from the body. Cineol, the unique scent of mugwort, kills harmful bacteria and helps digestion by promoting the secretion of digestive fluid. And it is rich in vitamins and minerals, so it is good for fatigue recovery and improvement of physical strength.

3. Red bean

Red beans contain carbohydrates, proteins, various minerals, vitamins, and saponin. Saponin works as a diuretic and removes contaminants from the skin and pores. In addition, red beans are rich in vitamin B, which helps digestion and absorption of carbohydrates, improves fatigue, and prevents memory loss. Red beans contain 10 times more potassium than rice and 4 times more than bananas. Since grains contain insufficient lysine and tryptophan, it is nutritionally supplemented by adding red beans to grains. It also helps to release sodium well to relieve swelling and suppress blood pressure.

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