Korean Fashion Brands

Lee Sooyeon

The global popularization of Korean culture, often referred to as the “Hanlyu(한류)” wave, may have started with K-pop, K-dramas and foods like kimchi, but now that’s extending to Seoul-based clothing brands that have been spreading the country’s fashion sensibilities to a global audience.

From street style to upscale luxury brands gracing Fashion Week runways and magazine editorial pages—and everything in between—Korean fashion brands have commanded international attention. Hot celebrities worldwide have been spotted wearing Korean fashion brands, and they are making big fashion issues. Let’s take a look at some of the Korean fashion brands that should be on every fashionista’s radar.

1. 8 seconds

Korea’s answer to popular brands like Uniqlo, 8 seconds offers affordable, simple daily cloths for both men and women that looks modern and fresh. From cute flower-knit cardigans to graphic t-shirts, this Korean brand makes casual weekend dressing that much easier.

2. Gentle Monster

Created by CEO Hankook Kim in 2011, Gentle Monster quickly became the it sunglass brand in Korea, and from there, it expanded globally at a rapid pace. Celebrities including Rihanna, Billie Eilish, the K-pop group Blackpink and more, have all been spotted sporting Gentle Monster.

pc: gentlemonster.com

3. Andersson Bell

Andersson Bell is a Seoul-based label that blends Korean style with a minimalist Scandinavian sensibility. This collection is crafted with beautiful, high-quality fabrics and offers silhouettes that have an unconventional twist, that are both timeless and modern.

pc: Anderssonbell.com

4. MinjuKim

As the winner of Netflix’s reality competition series Next in Fashion, designer Minju Kim had a chance to introduce her eponymous brand to a global market, including the opportunity to be stocked on NET-A-PORTER. Kim, who has created world tour costumes for BTS, brings a unique sense of playfulness and joy to her couture designs.

5. J. Chung

Stocked at some of the largest luxury shopping malls in South Korea, J.Chung describes its aesthetic as the “attractiveness of imperfection.” They offer “affordable, season-less wardrobe staples that have an unconventional twist.”

pc: jchung.co.kr

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