Korea’s Luxury Car Brand: Genesis

Hajon Lee

You’ve probably heard of various Korea car brands like Hyundai, Renault, Kia, and lastly Genesis.

What you may have not known is that Kia and Genesis both are from Hyundai. They are just branches of the company. Kia was actually bought from Hyundai and Genesis was a luxury car brand Hyundai launched.

This year Genesis announced that they will be releasing 5 cars with the newest GV70 being the fourth. Genesis was launched in 2015 with almost 400,000 units to be sold soon. Genesis first presented their first luxury SUV car which is the GV80. Then the G80 and G70 and lastly the GV70. GV70 gets a lot of light in recent days with its package’s exclusive front bumper with more emphasis on dynamism and a G-matrix pattern applied, and a dark chrome garnish which makes you feel sports sensibilities. These cars were to compete with the Benz and BMW of each series.

The advantage of people buying Genesis is that it is a Korean car which means that they can easily get A/S and repairs. For foreign cars it takes time for repair as they get their pieces from abroad.

In the domestic market, Genesis already outstands itself from world-class luxury cars. In the first nine months of this year, Genesis’ domestic sales reached 77,358 units, surpassing those of Mercedes-Benz (53,571 units) and BMW (41,773 units). Until last year, sales of Genesis fell behind Mercedes-Benz by 10,000 units. Genesis is also planning to target not only the U.S. and China but also the European market in turn based on its experience of leading luxury car brands that were competing in South Korea.

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