Seoul Forest

If the weather is nice and you have a long, long time between your next lecture, how about going to Seoul Forest (서울숲)? I think Seoul Forest is great place to go on a picnic. It is not so far and you can go there easily.
You can go to Seoul Forest by 3 ways. First, on foot. It takes about 30 minutes at a slow pace, from Hanyang University Station (한양대역). Second, by bus. Take bus 121 or 2014. I recommend 121 if you are near Wangsimni Station (왕십리역), and 2014 if you are near Hanyang Univ. Station. Third, by subway. This choice has two sub-options as well. You can either get off at Seoul Forest Station (서울숲역) on the Bundang Line (분당선) or Ttukseom Station (뚝섬역) on Line No. 2. For your information, Line 2 and Bundang line goes through Wangsimni Station and while Hanyang Univ. Station has only Line 2.


Once you are at Seoul Forest, you can borrow a bike and inline skate near Seoul Forest station. Seoul Forest is so big that it may be a good idea to borrow it, if you please to see the whole park) The rental fee for the bike is 3000 won per hour and the inline skate is 4000 won each. Additional fees are 500 won per 10 minutes. There are also tandem bikes. Its rental fee and additional fee are double of an ordinary bike.

On the way into the park, there are statues and fountains.

In Seoul Forest, you can see a pack of deer at number 24 on the map below. There is a vending machine if you want to feed deers. Since this place is far from the station, if you want to see deers, I recommend riding a bike (Inline skate is much harder than bike to go a long distance)


On the way back from feeding deers, you can see a lake with bridges and a big fountain. There are crucian carp in the lake.


There are big green lawns all over the forest. Take a mat, lie on the mat and enjoy the warm sunshine. There are big trees, too so you can take a rest in the shade.


In the center of the grass lawn, there is a huge tree which has a great view and nice shade. Be sure to take the place as soon as you see no one around since people compete for this great place.


There is also a place for boarders or skaters.
boardIn spring there is a chance to see a beautiful view of Seoul Forest. There are many cherry blossom trees. If you are lucky, you can see cherry blossom in full bloom and fluttering petals.


There are not many restaurants near at Seoul Forest. If you want eat in a restaurant, I recommend Galleria Forest, the tallest building in the area. In the bottom of the building, there is School Food (Tteokboggi), The Italian (Italian restaurant), Phomein (Vietnamese food, rice noodle restaurant), and Wei (Chinese restaurant), etc.


Many people in Seoul Forest eat delivery food. In Korea delivery services is so widespread that you could eat almost everything you want. Usually you must have seen delivery service by motorcycle. But in Seoul Forest some restaurants food is delivered by bicycle. Interesting right? It may be a small attraction for those in the forest. Lastly, if possible, pack your own lunch and eat out with your friends!


Article by Hyo Sik from Korea

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