Why Do Students Study at Cafés

Donghoon Lee

There are a lot of cafes at Seoul. If you visit one, you might see a lot of students studying, people talking at the cafe. Koreans love cafes. According to ICO (International Coffee Organization), 2015 Korea ranked 6th in coffee consumption. Cafes at Korea has become a more of a place to spend time and meet people than to get a coffee. I personally, enjoy going to cafes to study. Whenever I have something to concentrate on, I will go to a cafe. It is less about the drinks, but more about the place and the atmosphere. Whenever I want to concentrate, I can put my headphones on and focus on my work. Whenever I need a quick break, I can look around and even talk on the phone. I reckon cafes are a place where I have a control over the place. I have the control over what I do at the place.

Cafes are a great place to gather up and talk. Whenever I need a place to meet up with my friends, we gather up at a cafe. Whenever I have a group meeting for class, we go to cafe where they provide space to discuss. The place allows people to make noise. It seems like people prefer cafes over libraries these days. Since a cafe isn’t a place where we need to keep quiet, you don’t have to worry about making noise from typing, and you can enjoy coffee or wine as you read.

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