Cafés with Unique Concepts in Korea

Nam InHan

There are cafés all over Korea. Some, however, are quite unique and will provide you with an experience that you won’t be able to obtain anywhere else. Let me introduce a few of my favorite spots!

  1. Cartoon cafés


In a cartoon café, you can spend your time reading cartoons or novels. There is a huge selection of graphic novels and a lot of comfortable space for you to rest in. As for the entrance fee, it is usually \2700 for an hour. You can also buy hourly tickets that come with drinks and receive a discount! If you exceed your time limit, additional payments will be required (\700 per 10 minutes).

There is a cartoon café called Nolsoop(놀숲) near school! It has yellow outer walls and is quite hard to miss!

2. Boardgame café  


One of my favorite Boardgame cafés is the da Vinci board game café near Kon-Kuk University. This café opens at 1 p.m. and closes at 12 p.m. You can take a table and enjoy about four hundred different types of board games. They offer two types of payment systems; you can either pay \3,000 for one hour or \7,000 for three hours. Unfortunately, the three-hour fare is only available on weekdays and must be paid in cash. Also, each person must get a mandatory drink. Luckily, however, they offer a big variety of drinks ranging from soft drinks to certain alcoholic beverages.

Cat café

I went to a cat café called Cheong-Chun-Cat (청춘고양이카페), which is located in Hong-Dae. Actually, it is the café which I like the most. The admission fee for adults is 9,000 won and it includes a beverage. You can also buy handmade snacks like chicken breasts for 3,000 won. There were about thirty cats in the café the last time I went.

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