Seoul Bamdokkebi Night Market

Lee Jung

Spring is always nice for night excursions. The fickle weather in Korea has been confusing us with our outfit choices, but I am delightful to go around on journeys at night. Seoul Bamdokkebi (night goblin) Night Market is a set of marketplaces that opens at night and disappear in the morning (that’s why it’s named goblin!). The market has created a new cultural festival by incorporating a variety of food trucks, souvenir stores, and live performance stages. And even more exhilarating is that fact that the market is peripatetic and pops up near the most famous attractions in Seoul: Yeouido and Banpo Hangang Park, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Cheonggyecheon, and Oil Tank Cultural Park. The market collaborates with the locations to offer you blithesome moments.

Last weekend I visited the goblin night markets held in Dongdaemun Desing Plaza, which is one of the famous architectural landmarks in Seoul and holds numerous exhibitions, fashion shows, and conferences. It was my first time visiting the landmark at night, and I was amazed by the view and atmosphere the building, lightning and crowd generated.

The food trucks offer steak, taco, grilled shrimp, lamb skewer and even wagyu sushi. Souvenir shops sell handmade goods from jewelry to Korean traditional cutlery set at very reasonable prices and decent quality. There are picnic tables nearby beautiful landscape and singers performing great songs at the stage.

The excursion was so refreshing that it energized me to go through another week without feeling lethargic! The market opens up every Friday and Saturday from 6 to 11 pm. The operation time at other locations may vary. So check out the official website and explore more about it in coming weekends.

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