New Bloggers for the 2019 Spring Semester

김민정 학생

Name: Min Jung Kim

Nationality: Korean

This is my first semester as a HUBS reporter. But I’ve been working as a Hanyang business school global supporter as part of a club called“Glitters” for the past two years. During the past two years, I’ve been to lots of places where I can experience Korean culture and eat delicious Korean food with many international students. They were really exciting experiences and many students were satisfied with our programs. Also, I really love wandering around Seoul, so I think I can give you many tips on how to better enjoy Korea.

Actually, I’m from Daegu. So, the first time I came to Seoul, many things were amazing and very new to me. Also, I used to live alone, so I understand how international students must feel about living in unfamiliar places. I would like to help you guys out! if I get a chance to write about my hometown, Daegu or Busan, I could recommend to you places or food you should experience.

I’m really looking forward to my days as a HUBS reporter. And I will be back with many useful information!


남인한 학생

Name: InHan Nam

Nationality: Korean

Hello, readers. I am Inhan Nam. I am a sophomore at HUBS and I’m twenty-one years old. I am pleased to be a reporter for the English blog of the business department this semester. I have lived in Korea all my life. To be specific, I lived in Suwon from birth until I finished high school and moved to Seoul to be closer to my university about a year ago. As a consequence, I have learned English only through textbooks and feel anxious whenever I talk to foreigners. To solve this problem, I have tried to get experience in English through mentoring with foreign students, taking lessons in English or joining a culture exchange program.

During the second semester of last year, I also joined HOW friends, which is a student organization for cultural exchange. During my time at HOW friends, I learned of the many inconveniences that incoming students’ must deal with during their stay at HYU. I came to sympathize with the woes of students living and studying in a foreign country and decided to help them out. When I heard about the recruitment of reporters, I thought that if I became a reporter, I could provide incoming students with news and useful information to make HYU life easier for them.

I feel a little nervous because this is my first time as a reporter. Nevertheless, I am happy and looking forward to providing you with new of events at HUBS or other things that are informative and useful. In my opinion, what you guys need during your stay at HYU is probably not very different from what I needed when I was a freshman. I wish that my articles will be helpful to you guys.

Hope to see you in the next article!


윤성민 학생

Name: Seng Min Youn

Nationality: Korean

                  Hi! My name is Seng Min Youn and I am this semester’s HUBS editor/reporter. Having spent most of my formative years in Ireland and Hong Kong, I have yet to rid myself of my ‘expat’ accent when I speak Korean; that buttery mumble that gets aggravated in times of distress. I myself am still getting used to the very same things you guys maybe struggling with.

What I can, without a shred of doubt, assert is that my Korean cooking is ‘authentic’. I grew up eating and favouring Korean food more than any other cuisine. I learned to make my first 된장찌개(korean soy paste soup) from my late grandmother, who was intent on passing on all her cooking knowledge to me before she passed so that I could cook for her daughter. I grueled away the first two years of my six-year career as a chef in a korean fine-dining restaurant brining fifty kilograms of cabbage everyday. Indeed, I do believe that I should have a say when it comes to authentic Korean cuisine.

Admist the seemingly endless rows of Kimbap Heavens and Mr.Baik’s franchise stores, lie hidden gems. Places that have endured the tribulations of time with patrons who have seen and experienced much the same. These places don’t ask for ridiculous sums nor do they cater to the standardized taste-buds of the current generation. They simply testify to a by-gone time and perhaps embody the best of Korean cuisine. I hope we can explore them together!


이정 학생

Name: Jung Lee

Nationality: Korean

Hola guys! This is Jung Lee from Korea and I am a new reporter starting this semester. I was born in Gwangju, Korea, but I have spent most of my teenage years (from middle school to university) in the States. I am a big fan of the football club Real Madrid and always search for great songs. I am so fond of movies that according to Watcha, a mobile app for movies, I have now watched 1160 movies! Sadly, I’m allergic to shellfish and so I never eat seafood except sushi and seaweed soup, which most people find very weird.

The memory of my first day at an American school is still vivid. The only word I could say out loud with confidence was “soccer” so I said “soccer” to whatever question I got on that day. Culture and people were so different too. I was so embarrassed to sneeze during the class, because teachers would stop their lectures to say “God bless you”. But by the time the extremely diverse culture had become part of me, I had befriended people from all over the globe.

My journey guided me to different parts of the country: the great city of New York, the tranquil suburb of Connecticut, and the breezy beachside of San Diego. Each city had its unique atmosphere and composition of culture, and they shaped me into an open-minded and receptive person.

As a myHubs reporter I want to channel my cultural spectrum into a series of articles to assist and entertain those who are and will have life experiences in Korea. Reach out to me if you would like and let’s have fun together!

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