Impeached president, and also a prisoner. Part 1

Sooin Moon These days, Koreans are more prone to make protests to make a difference, positive or not, and are quite skeptical of government actions. I was working for the auxiliary police for 19 months from 2016, February, so I can say I have first-hand experience with many protests. Today. I’d like to talk about […]

Songni Dan-gil “송리단 길”

Hey guys Are you tired of visiting tourist sites? Do you want to know about the top trending places among the 20s? Today I will be introducing to you about Songni Dan-gil a trending go to spot for youngsters for quality food and numerous cafes. The term –Dan gil is a new trending word that […]

Where to Find Natural Hair and Darker Makeup Products in Korea

Kamari Koonce          I knew that when I came to Korea there would not be a variety of hair products or makeup products that would suit my complexion and hair needs. I found this out when I was watching a bunch of YouTube videos on what to expect from other people of color. Although I […]

Yesan Wine Festival

Kamari Koonce          This past weekend we visited an apple winery for their annual Yesan Wine Festival. The day started off by traveling from Hanyang to Yesan for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. It was also worth the price to go and was coordinated by the International office. The event is mostly for exchange […]


By Kathy Pham            I have been fighting acne since I first hit puberty, which was when I was only 10 years old! At first, my acne was just small bumps on my forehead, and they did not really hurt. However, as those bumps started to clear up on my forehead (without leaving any […]

The Ultimate Hair Experience

By Kathy Pham          Have you ever thought of doing something different with yourself, appearance wise or mentally? For example, you add meditation time into your schedule to relax or you get a new haircut. Have you heard of the saying “new look, new you?” Well, I definitely did something different with myself recently and […]

Best Japanese Udon Stores

Park, Jeonghun          For me, noodles are one of my favorite choice, when I am looking for a quick bite. Noodles do not make your hands sticky like a hamburger does, nor does it require “Spoon action”, using your spoon rigorously to scoop up rice. In the world there are many delicacies that are based […]

Save your Lungs from the”Fine Dust” fog!

Park Jeonghun At 8:00am, you wake up, and get out of your house to start your day.  But when you look up to the morning sky, it looks as if it is foggy. As you walk into the “fog”, you start to have a soar throat. When you look up the weather forecast, it says […]