A Reflection of My Time in MyHUBS

Kamari Koonce

             I remember the first day that the blogging team met. My roommate and I didn’t realize that we were both going to be paired together to write articles for MyHUBs, but we agreed to walk to the meeting room together. Once we were there we waited for the teacher and other group members to arrive. I noticed when Hail, the editor, walked in that he was the one that helped my mother and I the first day we arrived on campus. So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt when his expectations for the blog were confusing at first. Overtime though we all became friends and it felt like I was meeting an extended family weekly for lunch.


Even though I did not know that we were going to have to write articles, I appreciate the experience. At first I dreaded meeting every week because it felt like a chore. I did not see it as an opportunity for self-awareness, but I do now. I think that it is important to reflect on how the events we go through impact our emotions and understanding of the world around us. In addition, reflection helps you to build an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. During my time in myHUBs, I was able to process my experience abroad and share with other people what I learned. I believe that sharing what I have been through will help someone else’s journey abroad slightly less confusing and the culture shock less significant.


One piece of advice that I would like to share with someone coming to South Korea or studying abroad in general is to say yes to new experiences. Say yes to things that will put you out of your comfort zone or opportunities to meet new people. Say yes to group projects with people that come from different backgrounds than you. Run towards hard conversations about sensitive topics for you. I say this because it will help the person on the other end be more empathetic about who you are and where you are from. All of these situations are a part of the human experience. Maybe they will learn something that will change their approach to life and challenge your own beliefs as well.


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