My experience as a reporter

Park Junghoon


I used to be a reporter in the first half of 2018. Because I thought that the prior experience was valuable. Thus, I wanted to extend the experience of being a reporter. Accordingly, I reapplied for the reporter position, and luckily, I was accepted again. Doing this for the second time, I ran out of topics sooner than expected. However, as I looked around, there were many issues to use as a subject for my article. For example, some topics I omitted during the first half was found and written, becoming a solid article. Furthermore, I noticed that some articles might help others make a choice during their stay in Korea. Some students want to travel around, however, they lack the information or reviews of the destination. By publishing the articles that faithfully represents our prior experience on the place, we could assist them a lot. Finally, I had a chance to promote the blog to other students, who did not know anything about it. As a final point, I wish the content would not only be an outcome, but an impact to those in need.

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