Second Semester as a HUBS reporter

Sooin Moon

During the semester, I had very different school life than any other years at the HYU. At first, I didn’t know why, but now, I’m sure that it’s because of the reporter experience. Being a reporter has a few perks. I get free lunch coupons, and I get paid for every good article. All of which is nice, but not exactly as impactful as the last one I am about to tell you. I really like the meeting that happens once a week. Well, for the second semester, I had some problems with my bank account, so I was absent for some meetings. However, I have to say, a semester-long meetings and communications with foreign students who were also reporters for the blog, really changes people.

For this semester, I started to talk to foreign students that sits next to me. It was nothing, but something that made me think. If it was nothing, then why was I so scared to talk to foreign exchange students, even when I have no problem communicating, nor lack of experience in doing so? After a semester, now I know why. The reason is that I was just not used to doing so, and just like every other human being, it is very difficult to do something I don’t usually do. However, as I have started talking to foreign students during the meeting, I felt less and less difficult to talk to foreign students. That is how I met one of my game friends from France. I met him first during the course of MIS, and I talked to him first, about the game he was playing during the lecture. Of course, I am not suggesting playing games during lectures, but it was a really good ice breaker for me. Both having a lot about game to talk about, we eventually started to share Kakao IDs and talked through the Kakao. It was a lecture that I was taking alone, so I felt quite lonely to go there, and less motivated as well. However, after a while, I went to the class to talk about the game and how my game was going, to the guy. Don’t worry, I did pay attention during the class. I just talked to him during the break time in between lectures. And as somebody said, experience is the most valuable asset you can have. Learning something may not be in use, but I am pretty sure that now I can talk to any foreigners with zero hesitation.

Other than that, I had another group of Singaporean friends, of whom I met because of a team project. After the first meeting, I asked them out on Korean restaurant, drinking and talking about cultures and jobs, just like how I would’ve if I made friends with any other Korean friends. After that, I was invited to study for the midterm with them, which of course after that, we had another drink together. Now, I am even thinking about visiting Singapore to meet them, when they go back. I really hate traveling, but now I am considering just to meet them up, and that is a huge thing for me. I just wanted to make sure how big a change for me it was, that was triggered by the blog meetings.

As for my personal student life in HYU, I didn’t have much things to share, other than the fact that I had to start looking for internships. It is another thing that I’ve begun because I felt like I have to as I was getting old and more responsible for my own expenditures. Everyone’s just worried about their future, and because of that everything starts to feel like they are related to their future.

As for the ending words, just like what I said to Sing friends, enjoy your time while you can, it is most likely that you guys will have to study or look for a job when you guys go back. So, basically, have fun!

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