Internet Shopping Malls

Anna Lee

It is true that South Korea is the nation of delivery. Everything can be delivered – whatever you want. If you need anything ASAP, you can just type it on Naver and look at the results written there. The things will always be linked to ‘link’. Today, I would like to introduce you guys some useful websites you can use in Korea.

이은지 6-1

  1. Coupang : Anything you want ( )

This is the brief explanation about Coupang in the internet. – ‘Coupang is the perfect place for savvy shoppers. Baby, Kids, Fashion, Beauty, Home & Kitchen and Electronics, you name it! Coupang is basically the $5 Billion startup filling Amazon’s Void in South Korea. Coupang has millions of items in their selection and they can also deliver them to your door step faster and cheaper than anybody else. On-demand commerce, same-day delivery, instant gratification. Call it what you will, but it’s the customer-pleasing, margin-crushing chimera that Amazon is chasing like mad. Coupang is already making same-day the norm. Amazon is using a variety of outside contractors, experimenting with an Uber-like driver network and floating the idea of using drones to shrink deliveries from days to hours. Even so, same-day shipments from Amazon are available in only 27 metropolitan areas. In two years Coupang has built a last-mile delivery network of customized trucks, algorithm-controlled warehouses and 3,600 “Coupangmen” who deliver goods and chat up customers. For South Korea, where the average package takes two or three days to arrive at a customer’s door, Coupang can get most of its orders to a shopper’s front steps in a day or less at no extra charge. You can cancel an order that’s already on its way or change a package’s destination at the last minute.

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  1. Memebox : Beauty Community ( )

Officially, it was a website selling the cosmetics from all brands but more cheaply. Memebox Is officially no longer selling Korean Beauty Products now. Dino Ha, Memebox’s founder, said on a call that May 1st marks the soft launch of the new Memebox concept, which is to become a one-stop-shop for learning about K-beauty products, but without the actual shop. A small, loyal group of K-beauty enthusiasts had already seen the writing on the wall, taking to the Asian Beauty subreddit to discuss alternatives for K-beauty shopping:

One redditor asked, “A lot of comments mention just directly searching and buying brands (via Amazon or elsewhere) which is awesome for like the 2 or 3 items I know I like and trust, but the thing that I (a major newbie) liked about Memebox was it was easy to try a wide variety of new things at a shallow learning curve. Are there similar sites or recommendations for places that have a lot of the variety sets and good instructions /reviews?” This is exactly the consumer Memebox hopes to capture with its new model.

이은지 6-3

  1. Momanddaddy : If you need anything regarding pets

If you raise a dog or a cat in Korea and you want to provide them with anything that is healthy and no worries, you might be interested to visit this website. It is not famous in South Korea as well but those who use it, always use it from here. They provide things as if they were our pets’ mom and daddy as well. ( )

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