Buddha’s birthday

Sooin Mun Having a break from a tight schedule can be really good, especially if you were planning to go on a trip while staying in Korea. Considering how it is quite close to the final exams but not that close that you’d feel pressured to study while the vacation, it will be a very […]

Hong Kong

Fanny During the long weekend of the Buddha day, I had the chance to go to Hong Kong and meet up with my friend from Canada.  Hong Kong exceeded my expectations by its mix of oriental and occidental culture, clearly influenced by the British. The exotic city is a metropolitan area full of high brands […]

My experience at Hanyang

Fanny 2018 spring edition This semester was full of adventures and new memories made with people I met and will remember probably forever. This was my first exchange and first time out of my home country for so long. I will say I was glad with my university choice and overall decision to come to […]

My first semester at Hanyang, as a freshman

Gayoung Hong (Alice)           Hello, I am Alice. How was your semester in Hanyang? It feels like it has only been a few days since I received my certificate of entrance for Hanyang but it is the end of the semester now…! Time flies like an arrow. My semester as a freshman was wonderful. I […]

My Life in 1st Semester in 2018

Anne Lee Hi, I am Lee Eun Ji from department of Finance. Serving as reporter at HUBS, provided me with a marvelous memory. During a semester, I had a golden opportunity to interact with both foreign and Korean students who were all fluent in English. Thanks to them, my English skills kind of revived. A […]

A Semester as a HUBS Reporter

Junghoon Park After I entered Hanyang University Business School in 2014, I never knew there was a blog reporter before I got an email from business school. They were looking for people, who can do a reporter for a semester. I never knew there was such blog in business school. Only a week after receiving […]